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Answering the Age Old Question, What Do You Get a Mother That Has Everything?

Los Angeles, CA

Hi girls: Have a question? Every year is harder then the last. Christmas time is near and I am making a list of things to buy our family members. The kids are easy and most of the time so are husbands, but my dilemna is with my mother and my mother in law. I never have a clue what to get them? If I buy something real nice for one, I need to buy something real nice for the other. My mother is 74 years old and lives with us. She has everything and never wants for anything, so I am really stuck. My mother in law I believe is 60 years old but looks very young for her age. She too has everything and doesnt want for anything. She lives in her own home. I am always beating my head against the wall, because I dont have a clue what to get either one of them. they are both very different so buying the same thing for both is not a good idea. Any suggestions ladies? Help?????!!!!

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Children's Clothing Consignment Shops

Raleigh, NC

I have lots and lots of beautiful winter clothes (9m to 12m) in great condition. My daughter has not been the type of child to spit/throw up or mess the clothes so they've just been through regular wash. I've tried to contact Children's Orchard to sell them but they're so booked and are not accepting appointments until October. I don't have the time to photograph each one or most of them and post them on Craigslist. Does anyone know of other children's clothing consignment shops in Raleigh where I could sell them? Or any other ideas?

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Holiday Gift

Washington DC, MD

Hello, This is my first holiday season as a mom and I am stumped as to what to get my son's daycare provider this holiday season. He goes to a family daycare (in someone's house) during the week. What have other people given? Would she prefer money or an actual gift? And should the gift be for her or for the daycare (i.e. a bunch of books)? I would love to hear from other parents and, if possible, daycare providers!! I am new to all this... Thanks! A.

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