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Going to Church

Reno, NV

I was not raised going to church... ever. I used to go to church every once in a while with my neightbor, and then I went to a youth group with them when I was in high school. I don't know a lot about religion, but I have been to both a Christian and Catholic church and I prefer the Christian religion. I would like to take my children to church as a family when they are a little older so that they aren't as in the dark about this as I am. I really want to go as a family, but my husband wasn't raised going to church either, and basically would rather be doing other things with his weekends since we already have such busy lives. How can I give my children, and myself for that matter, a good idea of what religion is and how do I get my huband involved?

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Prayer for My Family

Dallas, TX

Hello It's late and I can not sleep. I have lost 3 family members to death in the last 2 years. Now my brother is very ill and I think he is dying. Just want you all to pray for my family and for me to have the strenght for my family. Death is now hitting my family and it is getting kind of hard. Say a special prayer for my brother.

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