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Are Termites Fumigations Safe for Pregnant Woman?

Los Angeles, CA

I just found out our landlords are sending us away for 3 days later this month to tent the building and do Termite Fumigation. I am 4 months pregnant and I'm VERY concerned about the effects on my baby once I return home to all the residue. They assure me that it will be safe, but I can't imagine them being 100% right. I've been told that they will inspect the air before they let the tenants in, but what about all the chemicals that are going to get into our clothes, furniture, dishes, cabinets, etc. I am not physically in a condition to pack everything up and move them out, nor to wash them all when I get back! Which is what I would do if I wasn't pregnant and so sick! They have told us they will be providing us with special bags to put our food in. Whoopy! Anyway, I'm just really concerned. Has anyone here gone through this process while pregnant? Is there anyway to stop them? Make them postpone it for a few months? Or make sure they go with a company that is environmentally friendly and probably more healthy for us as well? Thank you all in advance for your replies. S. B.

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High Efficiency Washers

Washington DC, MD

Wondering if anyone out there has a high efficiency washer? I have had one for almost a year, and i realized it is as important as they say it is to use the HE detergent! but they dont make oxiclean HE or anything like that. I will also be having another child soon and will need to start using Dreft, but I dont want the clothes to come out messed up and I dont want to ruin the washer. Anyone know of alternatives?

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How Do I Clean This?

New York, NY

We bought our daughters an unfinished wooden bunkbed bedroom set. My 8 year old son decided to mark up a section of the furniture with a black permanent marker. The room is small, so we can't reposition the furniture. It's in plain view once you walk into the room. I don't want to paint it a dark color. Any suggestions on the best way I can remove it with minimal further damage?

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What Is That Smell?

Detroit, MI

A week ago last Sunday we noticed a smell in our study (upper level of house). It was weak and we could not point where exactly it was coming from. It was very hit and miss. Last week, some days I could smell it, some days not at all. Then yesterday- YUCK- full force. Today the entire upper level smells. And what does it smell like you ask? Fish. Rotten fish (which it is not). Our house is pretty clean and we took a black light over the carpet w/o success. Anyone have any idea what this is? Some facts- house is tri-level, built 1980, Royal Oak, carpet, have 2 cats one dog and baby. Does not seem to be pet urine or baby diapers. Been in house 4 years. There is an attic above- we have not heard anything up there- but I may have to check it out if we can't figure this out. Smell not downstairs. Thanks

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