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How Much to Charge?

Kansas City, KS

I used to be a preschool teacher and through my classroom, I became friends with one of the parents. Since adopting the girls, I've quit work to stay home with them but kept in contact with this parent. She asked me if I would watch her daughter (6) two days during the week this summer,for play reasons and to kind of work with her to make sure she doesn't lose everything she's learned in Kindergarten. She asked me how much I would be willing to charge but I'm not sure how much is fair. We were kind of thinking $15/day. Is that too much? It's not like she's going to be sitting here watching tv all day. She will be doing educational things and going to fun places with us.

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Toddler Son questions...Shifty Eyes and Being Bi-lingual

Chicago, IL

Does anyone out there know if I should be concerned with either situation? I noticed a couple of months ago here and there my son would look at me or my husband or whomever side ways and or roll his eyes looking up or side to side and most of the time giggle or sit quitely doing this?! Is he just exploring with his eyes? Did not ask ped yet...My other concern is I don't think he's speaking as much as he should be in English or Cantonese...The ped told me since he's so active and started walking early and seems more advanced with his motor skills, he will most likely start speaking in both languages in the next couple of months more...Any thoughts or advice with bi-lingual babies?

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Uncontainable Toddler- Help Needed!

Dallas, TX

My 2 year old just recently switched to a "big boy bed" because we needed the crib for our other son who is now 7 months. He did great sleeping in that bed for several weeks, but then he started waking up in the middle of the night and walking around the house. So we put a baby gate on his door. Then he started waking up yelling that he needed his milk or couldn't find his pacifier. We would just give him whatever he was asking for to appease him so that the rest of us could sleep. Well, now he has learned to climb over the baby gate. Even if we put it like 3 inches from the floor he can still climb over it. So then we put him back in the pack-n-play in his room, plus the baby gate. And just today he has learned to climb out of the pack-n-play, over the baby gate, and I'm at my witts end what to do! My husband wants to get one of those locks where you can't open the door from the inside, only from the outside but that just seems so cruel and I'm afraid he might be hurt and I wouldn't know. Any ideas??????

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What Do We Do, Can't Afford Day Care for Another....

Dallas, TX

Hi Ladies We are going to have another baby that we have longed for over a year...yay. Since we bought our house a year ago money has been a little tight but never out of control. I am hoping to take off at least 2-3 months for maternity leave....great right... well that means I have to save at least $5000 in the next 6 months to cover all bills..etc.Wow! Another issue which is the biggest one is how are we going to afford day care for 2. My precious son who has Down syndrome, he will start attending local school for a few hours of the morning sometime in August since it will be easier for him to start at an early age to get the feel of being at a real school. I would love to get a nanny at home to take care of the baby and be home when my son comes home from school. So at least I will only pay one person a set amount. Right? But nannies are expensive and most of all how can I trust some stranger at home with my kids. My work schedule is pretty set, but my husbands is flexible to a point. How have you ladies coped with expensive daycare or nannies living on a tight budget? I really got my wish of conceiving again but I am freaking out as to what to do for my kids well being and care.

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