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My 17 Mth Old Doesn't Want to Sit in Her Car Seat Anymore, Help!!

Jacksonville, FL

Ok my main problem is that I spoil my daughter and hate to see her cry especially with tears. My daughter has always hated the car from the day we brought her home from the hospital. We were able to bear car trips by giving her a pacifier and some toys. But of course I indulged my daughter last week and let her play in the front seat of the car (in the driveway) and I let her sit in the front seat to go 5 houses down to a neighboor. Now she throws the biggest temper tantrum when I take her out of the front seat when she is playing in it but I can't keep the car and air on for an hour and I get bored in the car while she keeps turning the radio all the way up. But now when we leave in the morning for daycare she goes to the front door and pitches the biggest temper tantrum ever when I pick her up to put her in the back seat. She throws her pacifier, kicks and screams and makes me feel so bad. Our morning routine has now added 10-15 minutes so I can try to calm her down to even leave the driveway. We just turned her car seat forward facing this weekend (she is 17 mths old) and it has gotten so much worse. I thought things would be better with her looking out the front window but no it isn't. I spent 40 minutes on the way home yesterday with her fuzzing and crying, trust me you didn't want to be around me when I got home I was so mentally exhausted. I have tried everything from giving her food, toys, pacifier, singing to her etc and nothing helps. All she wants to do is sit in the seat like a big person without a car seat. I thought we had resolved or at least made car trips bearable but now that she is forward facing and experienced the luxury of the front seat everything has regressed. One more thing please don't suggest a DVD player because my daughter is very active and it doesn't hold her attention for more than 2 minutes (I did try it in the car as well and she isn't interested in it at all). I need some advice on how to undo the monster I created my allowing her to play in the front seat. Just a note I will never ever drive with her in the front seat (besided the one time which was 5 houses down) because her safety is so much more important to me which is why we just turned her car seat around because rear facing is a lot safer.

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Need Advice on Small Suvs

Dallas, TX

Hi, We are looking for a small, used SUV to cut back on gas expenses. I am looking for some feedback on the Honda CRV and or Ford Escape. We're also looking at a Hyundai or Kia for the 10 year warranty. Do you have any feedback on the following... My husband is 6'1 and I want to be sure the SUV isn't cramped for him as he'll be the primary driver. How would you grade the overall car (road noise, handling, safety features, etc.)? Lastly, any advice on where to buy a used car? I will also look online for feedback, but would love to hear more personal feedback from those who drive their families in these cars everyday. Thank you!

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Parking at DFW or Surrounding Areas

Dallas, TX

I'm going on a trip this upcoming weekend leaving my oldest daughter with my husband for the entire weekend for the first time in her life. I know he will do a great job but I cannot help but me a nervous wreck. My biggest issue is that I'm having him drop her off at preschool the following Tuesday. My plane arrives at 12.00pm and my daughter gets out of school at 2pm. My question is where can I park my car at or near the airport and be able to get to my car and to her school in time? I'm new to Dallas and I do not know how this airport works, or any airport for that matter. I'm new to this whole traveling thing. Also any advice on how to travel with a baby would be helpful too! Thanks!

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Questions Regarding Getting a Speeding Ticket

San Francisco, CA

Hi moms, I got a speeding ticket recently driving down 85. To make a long story short, some friends said that I should go to court so I can reduce my fine. I just got the notice and court arraignment is one of the options. I would like to reduce the fine and go to the traffic school to avoid points. Should I A) Make Court Arraignment B) Make court trial C) just forget about it and pay for traffic school? Has anyone been in this situation? Please advise. I think I need to let the court know ASAP. Thanks a lot!

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Sun Country Do's and Dont's with Kids 4 and 2???

Minneapolis, MN

I want to know how others travel with their kids. We'll be using Sun Country and I have a window seat and DH will also have a window seat behind me. The kids I heard will have to sit at the window for safety reasons. There are three seats per row so we all can't sit together. I'm bringing our double stroller because we'll be in Walt Disney World and can take advantage of the cup holder, basket under it, it'll keep the kids in site at all times and they can sleep too. Does that make sense or do I buy two umbrella strollers? What things do you bring to entertain? We won't have carseats. We will park our truck and a shuttle will transport us to the plane. They won't supply carseats and and it's not their policy to store carseats until we get back. I won't lug two carseats just to get to the airport. After we arrive we'll have a shuttle to our hotel which is on Disney property. No other travel by car will be needed. Can we bring sippy cups for the girls or bottled water which is unopened? Any other advise traveling with a calm 4 and do what she wants 2 year old?

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Wondering About Volvo Station Wagons

Dallas, TX

Anyone out there who has or has had a Volvo wagon who would like to comment on it? I know a lot of people are passionate about Volvos, but it makes me nervous that they are not Japanese--are they reliable? Expensive to fix? For the record, I'd probably be buying a used Cross Country, but I'll take input from people with any model.

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