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Anyone Know Anything About Berkeley Violins for a Beginner Violin Student?

Indianapolis, IN

My 11 year old daughter is going to start strings at school, and needs a 3/4 violin. She has never played any musical intrument before, and we're not sure if she'll stick with this. So I don't want to spend a fortune on an instrument. I was looking on ebay to see what was for sale, and there is a 3/4 violin for sale that seems like a pretty good deal for a beginner. It's make by Berkeley. Does anyone have any experience with this brand of violin, or recommendations for a beginner violin student that may or may not stick with it? Thanks for your help!

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Where to Get a Good Flute for Cheap??

Dallas, TX

My daughter is starting the flute next fall and we've been told she MUST have a Yamaha YFL 281 or a Yamaha YFL 361H. I looked online and these things are $1000!!! We're in Allen and they "tell" you what you'll start with (flute, clarinet, trumpet or trombone) in 6th grade, then after the first semester, you can try out for another instrument. So here's my thought...there should be lots of flutes out there from those who STARTED with one but then switched to another instrument. I looked on Craig's List and there were only a couple, listed for high prices. Any thoughts?? Is it possible to rent a flute?? I could (maybe!) swallow the price if I knew she were going to stick with it but for all I know, she'll try out for a different instrument or quit altogether. TIA for any ideas or suggestions!!

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