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2 1/2 Year Old Suddenly Won't Let Me Read to Her

Portland, OR

My 2 1/2 year old is going through a very independent stage (just learned how to use the potty and dress herself and put her shoes on all at once) and used to love me reading book after book after book to her. Reading has always been something she's enjoyed and we've done throughout the day and has always been a part of bedtime ritual too. However now that she is Miss Independent she doesn't want me to read the book she wants to read the book to me which is fine and I encourage that she used to do this tell me the story in the book but now she just does a page or two then throws the book and wants to play. Or if I am trying to read she just tries to flip through the pages and interrupts with the same question again and again and again (even after I answer it). I am sure that this if just a phase but I was wondering if someone else has experienced this, how long does it usually last. I would love to go back to the long reading sessions where we took turns reading books to each other and had a calming ritual before bed. (By the way she does this now anytime I read a book during the day not just bedtime). I am pretty much offering to read but not forcing it because I don't want to turn her off to books. I have literally hundreds of books available for her to choose from, and a small basket of her favorites that we've read zillions of times in a row. I'm sure it's a phse but I just want to know......HOW LONG DOES IT LAST!

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Looking for a Certain Christmas Book to Read

Chicago, IL

Hi Moms, When I taught 2nd grade, a room mom read a certain Christmas book to my students that the kids really enjoyed. I don't remember the title, but here's what I do remember: the kids used their 5 senses to enjoy the story... some examples (but I'm not sure exactly if I'm accurate..... for hearing/listening, the room mom shook bells, for tasting, she let the kids each lick their own candy cane, for smelling, the kids smelled gingerbread, etc...Does this sound familiar to you? I would love to start or finish the holiday party with this type of book. Or, if you know of any other book to read, I'd love to know about it. I would like a book that none or only a few have heard before. Thank you so much! J.

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