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Am I in the Right About a Lawsuit?

Little Rock, AR

In January I fell at an area hospital. They had some big planters out front that had leaked water and the water froze in the drive-thru area where you pick up and drop off patients/visitors. Anyways I fell walking upto the hospital and broke all three bones in my ankle which called for immediate surgery and a 3 day hospital stay. I now have lost my job due to severe pain in that ankle and have been diagnosed with reflex sympathetic dystrophy in that ankle due to the break, also have developed shingles due to the surgery and the stress it has put on me. I have had severe depression not being able to care for my family due to loss of job. My question is.... Should I pursue the lawsuit or do I even have a chance in your opinion?

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Lawyer Needed to Sue an Attorney

Los Angeles, CA

I was in a car accident 8/2001. I hired an attorney in El Segundo who ended up dropping the ball. He didn't do anything on the case for a couple of years which I was told was normal. I went out on tour for 2 years and did my best to advise him when I would be in town for depositions and he never set anything up. I contacted another attorney during this time to see about switching and he said there was nothing to worry about, these cases were often dealt with at the last minute. I came back to town and contacted him several times without good result. Then his secretary missed a filing deadline. The case was dropped by the courts and she panicked. She trashed the notice instead of giving it to him. He contacted me and offered to pay out of pocket. He started to send payments, but when I tried to pin him down on a final settlement number, he evaded the issue. I have not heard from him and would like to find an attorney to take this over. I live in South Bay area. I am not seeking to crush him, only get just compensation.

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Legal Aide

Lawrence, KS

Who would you call if you have a creditor that will not accept the amount you can afford to pay to pay off your debt? I have offered payments to an old student loan and the creditor told me that they can not accept the amount I offered because they can get more by guarnishing my check! How can I get this resolved? I can't afford to have my check guarnished anymore. I can't even afford to pay rent now that they have started taking it out of my check! Please somebody HELP with some suggestions!

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Looking to Get Out of a Contract and Needing Help

Kansas City, MO

Hello All, I stupidly sign a contract with an alarm company called Icon Security. Since June 17 the system has worked three days and the damn thing is not working again. Customer service is rude and when I had asked to speak to someone higher up the food chain, I am told there is no one else. I have to call them on a near daily basis with no results and no repair man for up to four weeks. They are still charging us for a system that is not working. At this point I am so tired and frustrated, I just want out of the contract; they can keep our money from the last six weeks if they will just go away. I feel like crying, I am at a loss of the next step. I bought this problem into our house, but I have no experience dealing with anything like this. I have contacted BBB, but the company basically said to the BBB and to us, "Too bad, you're screwed" Has anyone gone through something like this? What worked? What didn't? Should I contacted legal help? Please help! Thank you all in advance.

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Need More Child Support.....

Dallas, TX

Hey ladies, I am really not sure what to do at this point. My divorce was final 3 years in May and I was told that after that point I could ask my ex for more child support. He does pay and has since he walked out the door. He doesn't on the other hand help pay for anything for my son, except the required health insurance. He has not helped with school clothes, birthday parties, school supplies etc. He thinks his child support pays for everything. He didn't make very much money when we divorced, but has since gotten a new job. I am just assuming he makes more now. If you have had any experience with this or know of a lawyer that can help I would really appreciate it. My divorce lawyer is in Richardson so I am looking for someone closer to me, Lewisville area. Thank ladies, L.

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