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Issues with Dry-Cleaners on N. Beach! What Should I Do?

Dallas, TX

Hi Mamas, I just received a very shocking phone call from my dry cleaners and needed some advice. I have been using the same company since they opened, about 3 years ago, and have never had any issues. Last week I took several items and 3 came back to me with issues, 2 pairs or pants had spots and a dress shirt was missing 1 cufflink. I returned them and the wife of the owner was very nice, noted the issues and asked me to return today. Today the tan pants were lighter where the spots had been and the other pants had new marks… no cufflinks. The owner just called me to tell me that the cufflinks were not their responsibility; the pants would look normal after a few washes and the other pants were not supposed to be dry-cleaned and didn’t react well. THEN HE SAID… “3 months ago you were dropping stuff off and a friend of mine from a different cleaners told me to watch out for you because you are a difficult person!” I hadn’t even used that other cleaners… how inappropriate!! How can I get my clothes fixed or my money back? What should I say to this guy? How bizarre! Thanks Ladies!

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