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6 Year Old Child in Daycare Who Insists on Wearing the Same Pants Everyday

Topeka, KS

I have a 6 year old child in my daycare who insists on wearing the same pair of leggings every day. Her parents have tried different measures to change her mind and have had no luck which is becoming very frustrating for them. They shared their concern and I told them I would put the question out to all of you great mom's who may have encountered a similiar situation. I might add that where we live it does get very cold and the leggings of course are not very warm.

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Babysitting Rate for in Home Care

Chicago, IL

I currently work full time and with daycare tuition and our work schedules, it doesn't seem financially logical for me to work when I could stay home with my 3 year old daughter. If I do stay home, I will need to earn some extra income so I was thinking of babysitting a friends baby (she is 5 months old), what should I charge her per hour? I have no idea what the rate is these days.

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In Home Childcare

Dallas, TX

I was hoping someone could tell me who I could contact regarding in home childcare. I live in McKinney and have twin infants. I am very concerned about RSV and making sure wherever they go that the home is clean, sanitized, and safe. Does anyone know who I could contact in the McKinney area?

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What Would You Think?

Grand Rapids, MI

My son recently turned 5 and is the middle child. He has been very emotional lately. He will come up to me and ask me if he will get in trouble if he tells me something. I have really been working with him on being truthful so I haven't been punishing him if he tells me the truth. He will cry and jump up and down saying that he is "so sorry!" He will crawl into my lap and cry so hard. I have just been holding him, hugging him and letting him cry it out. The tears are sincere. I don't feel that he is crying to manipulate the situation. Today I was on the floor playing with our 10 month old. He came up to me, out of the blue, and said that he has been hurting the little girl at daycare. I asked him what he did and he cried hysterically. He just kept repeating that he "didn't know." I kept hounding him and he kept saying that he didn't want to talk about it anymore, that he couldn't take it anymore. He was sweating, tensing up his entire body and crying. I finally got it out of him that he pushed the the little girl off the bed and that he will push her sometimes. He yelled at me that he did it because he couldn't stand babies anymore. They are always bothering him. Then he broke down and said that he does it for no reason. I started questioning him about his little sister and geared questions towards him feeling overlooked or jealous of the baby. He said "No, because I love her and she's part of our family." Then I geared the questions towards "Is someone hurting you at daycare? Is someone touching you where they shouldn't be?" He said "No" to all of those questions. My questions are: Do you think this is severe sibling rivalry or something else? What would you do? I am REALLY scared because this little guy is the sweetest little thing. He has never been one to hit or bite. What should I do?

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