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Looking for Reasonably Priced 1 or 2 Bedroom Condo in South Padre

Dallas, TX

My family would like to go to South Padre sometime in July or early August. We enjoy staying within walking distance of the beach, preferably in a condo with a pool. I checked into a few places (Saida Towers) and was amazed at how pricey they were. We have stayed in VERY nice 2 bedroom condos on the beach in Florida for less than $200 per night, but have not found anything affordable in South Padre. Even just to stay in a single hotel room (like Holiday Inn or La Quinta) was close to $200 per night or more and this did not include the high hotel tax. We don't need a luxury resort, but just need a clean, decent, comfortable place to stay that doesn't cost $400 per night.

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