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Advice for Medi-Cal in Orange County

Los Angeles, CA

we just moved to orange county in july from santa barbara. medi-cal was so easy and quickly set up in SB, but here it took them three months just to contact me back. and dont say its because there are more people here, because i started medi-cal in LA and they had no problem getting us started and finding us appropriate drs. but here its like they are just humorinig me on the phone and throwing out whatever suggestions or questions i had once we hung up. I cant find a dentist who takes medi-cal in irvine. i cant find a childs eye doctor in irvine. i cant find a family practitioner or clinic in irvine i cant find a gyn in irvine you would think that they would have drs that take medi-cal here since the university is here and there are lots of student families. so many of my friends have to drive two cities away to go to the doctors. and my kids are always finding some new way to be sick, so i dont have the gas money or time to spend driving through five different cities to take my three kids to the doctors!!!

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