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Doctor Refferals in Greenville

Spartanburg, SC

Hi, My family & I are moving to the Greenville area this summer. I would love to get some referrals for a good family physician, dentist, OBGYN and of course the all important great hairdresser! My son has ADHD and has mild cerebral palsy I would like to find a physician or psychologist that specializes in ADHD and it's medications. He is a teen so we really don't need a pediatrican. Any input would be great! Thanks.

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Seeking Great GP in Grapevine

Dallas, TX

I am looking for a GP for myself--my children see a pediatrician and I see an OB/GYN elsewhere. I would love to find a thorough, available dr. close-by. Bedside manner a plus, but not a priority. I was hoping to find someone associated with Grapevine Baylor, but I'll go a bit further for someone great.

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