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Breast Reduction or Tummy Tuck

Minneapolis, MN

I recently come out of a time of my life of having 3 children in under 3 year. NOT TIWINS ! I love that my children are close in age,but I don't love what it has done to my body. I use to be so active and skinny,and Now I feel like I am stuck in someone else's body.I have had a large chest my whole life and (you can only image what breast feeding has done) I feel(and my husband agrees) that a reduction would be a good idea and a I am wondering if any one has had one and what was it like. Are you happy you did it...ect. Now, Tummy tuck...has any one ever had that done? Why? are you gald? How have these things changed your life. Good or bad? My Husband feel like getting something like a tummy tuck is "the easy way out" That I am not working hard enough to get back in shape. let me just he really is usually very supportive and loving!!which i workout often and try to eat healthy,mostly organic??I think I have really bad genes my mother has "belly weight" too. I just feel like if I could get my self condifance back I could be a better wife and mother. I don't know I just have been thinking about this alot. I hope nobody thinks i am vain????

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C Or D??

Dallas, TX

Hi Mamas! I have a delima. I'm scheduling my breast augmentation surgery on Thursday but I still dont know which size I want. I'm torn between a full C and D but how can I make an informed decision when I have no idea what its like to have a D. I'm a small C now so I can imagine being a little bigger. So, I have a few questions for those who are a size D. First, is it hard to find shirts that arent too tight? Do you get unwanted attention from men (I would feel uncomfortable with men just talking to me because of my boobs!). Do you have back problems solely because of your size? I'm also afraid getting bigger boobs would make my body look bigger. I'm a size 16. thank you so much in advance for your answers!

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Cincinnati, KY

I can't get my 2 year old (in June she was 2) daughter to lose the binki. When i drop her off at my sister-in-laws house each morning (I work full time) she leaves it in the car because she knows that her aunt will not allow her to have one. However, at night I can not get her to fall asleep with out a huge production and temper tantrums that wake the dead. I am just too exhausted to fight anymore that I give in and give her the binki so that I can get a good night sleep. I need some advice!!!

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