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3 Car Seats in a CRV?

Chicago, IL

Is it possible to have 3 car seats in a Honda CRV? Are there any seats that don't take much width so you can fit 3? I'd love to know if anyone has done it. Otherwise, we'll need to get a bigger car, but I'm trying to avoid that.

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Car Seat Dilemma

Detroit, MI

I have a 9 and a half month old daughter who is almost too tall for her infant seat. One more inch and she will have outgrown it. Right now she weighs just uner 18 pounds so I'm looking at convertible seats so she can ride facing the rear until she's put on enough weight to face forward. In addition, I have a bad back (surgery in 05) and carrying her and the car seat together is very tough on my back. Here's the dilemma: sometimes she naps in her infant car seat while I grocery shop. She also tends to fall asleep on the way home from daycare and will sleep in her carseat in the house for up to an hour. If she graduates to a convertible seat, all car seat napping will be over (except when she's actually in the car). I have 2 questions: 1. Should I move her up to the bigger seat? 2. Any recommendations for convertible seats? Thanks in advance for advice! J.

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Car Seats

Detroit, MI

Can anyone recommend a good car seat for a toddler. I'd like to keep my daughter in a 5 point harness as long as possible because it seems the safest. She will be 3 in October and is currently about 30 lbs. Is it time for a booster seat already? The reason I'm purchasing a new seat is I'm transfering my infant to her convertible seat. Something that can be cleaned easily (she also gets car sick!).

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Car Seats

Los Angeles, CA

Hety mamas! My husband was in a car accident (not his fault) on Friday with our 3 year old and 9 month old. They are all perfectly fine, no injuries for them. The car may or may not be totaled but it can be fixed or replaced, even though it might be tough. Anyway per the california law, we purchased new car seats (Britax Marathon, what we had before) but I don't know what I am supposed to do with the old seats? I was told to just throw them away but that seems like A LOT of waste. I am planning on keeping the covers for back up But I wanted to see if anyone knew where I might be able to recycle them or if maybe there were a refirbish program where they can be checked and donated. I just don't want to trash them. Thanks mamas.

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Looking for a New Car/minivan with Strong Safety Record & Excellent Gas Mileage

Tampa, FL

Hi Ladies - I'm looking for a new car/SUV/minivan that is safe & gets excellent gas mileage...Has anyone else been car shopping recently or been researching cars online? There doesn't seem to be the "perfect" vehicle out there, but my expectations are pretty high...roomy, safe, great gas mileage/hybrid, reasonable cost, etc. I've looked at Toyota's (Hybrid Highlander, Hybrid Camry & reg. RAV-4), Hondas (Odessey & CR-V-neither of which are Hybrid) and Nissan (Quest & Murano) to date. Any insight or personal experience of what to ster clear of is greatly appreciated!

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Need Narrow Toddler Carseat

Denver, CO

Does anyone know of a NARROW front-facing carseat for a toddler? I want to fit 3 carseats into the back of my Jetta rather than be forced into buying a bigger, less economical car. Shouldn't a five-seater car fit a family of five? I have two normal-sized carseats (meaning hugely wide) and I want to buy one that will fit in the backseat with those two. If anyone has any clues about a brand that might work, I'd greatly appreciate it!!

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Opinions on Minivans

Washington DC, VA

Hi Moms! Well, I have two boys, one 4 and one almost 2, and my Subaru seems smaller somehow. My husband and I are talking about buying a minivan, which I have avoided until now. :-) But, with 2 kids and a dog, the conveniences and size of the minivan is becoming more and more appealing. So, which minivans are the best? I've found great info online about safety ratings and mileage and features, but I'm interested to hear personal opinions. They all seem so similar both in features and in styles and in price. So, how did you make the choice? What do you love or hate about your minivan? Thanks ladies!!

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