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How to Explain Freinds Autistic Children to My Own????

Portland, ME

Hi everyone, Looking for advice on how to explain to my 5 yr old daughter that one of our good family friends son is autistic. The biggest struggle is, is that he is extremely loveable and is ALWAYS trying to sit next to her or hug her and many times pulls/pinches her trying to get her attention. How do I explain why we dont yell at him or why he doesnt get in trouble. Thanks!

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Seeking Advice on How to Respond to Unkind Behavior Towards Autistic Son

Houston, TX

My family and I have been attending the same church for over 30 years. It is a relatively small, very conservative congregation, and we all love and support each other. I say that to highlight how unusual my problem is. A couple in our church (the husband is a deacon) get very irritated when my son greets them, shaking their hands several times each Sunday. I have tried my best to redirect him so that he does not "bother" them, but today I got fed up with the whole scenario. I passed the wife in the hallway between Sunday School and church and asked her if she knew if my son and husband were in the sanctuary yet. (I teach Sunday School and generally don't see them until right before worship.) She said to me, "Well, all I know is that when Sunday School was over, there he was AGAIN trying to shake my hand!" I don't know why, but her remark really hurt me. It seems to me that Christian people are supposed to be "longsuffering" toward each other, forgiving our weaknesses and faults, especially those of individuals who have disabilities. My son really loves this couple and looks forward to seeing them every Sunday. It's obvious, however, from their actions and the sour looks on their faces when they see him coming, that they have no love for him. My question is this: How do I handle this? Do I confront the people? Do I just pray about it and trust that the Lord will work it out? Do I confide in the pastor? I would appreciate suggestions from other Christians who might be able to understand better the constraints under which I must operate. Thanks so much!

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Seeking Help with Autistic ADHD Child Who Doc Wants on Meds

Los Angeles, CA

Hello, I find myself stuck on whether or not to put my son on Adderall. He is 8 yrs. old with autism and now diagnosed with ADHD and hyperlexia and attends a Mild to Moderate classroom at a school that has only a few special needs children. My son seems to have a lot of anxiety and stims at school(especially on the playground with typical kids)and at home. At home I can deal with his behaviors but want him to be calmer too for his own sake. He recieves full day 1:1 behavior support and seems to be responding well. I was looking to see if there are any moms who have a child on this medication and see what they like/dislike about it. Any side effects to look for in a child who cannot tell me? I am also told his current school has the best placement for him because he is in the "gray" area for placement options and there is no other class for him, yet the next 4/5 class is totally not right for him either. Any suggestions for 4/5 Mild to Moderat or Mild to Severe classes in LBUSD? He is more on the moderate side, but had such a great teacher she kept him up in academics and helped get his behaviors more under control. Now his teacher is out on maternity leave and things are changing. Help!

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Where Is the Best Place to Find WHEAT and DAIRY FREE GROCERIES

Houston, TX

My son is 5 years old and has Autism.When he was 1 1/2 we noticed he had some delay's with his speach so I signed him up for ECI.When he turned 3 he started PPCD at r j wollam elem.That was when he was diagnosed with Autism.He has made some great improvements. He is doing so much better but his melt downs don't seam to be getting any better. He will hit himself, scream, throw himself on the floor,bite, almost anything.Does any one have any advice on the melt downs?Also I have heard so many people talk about a wheat and dairy free diet. It is very hard to find food without wheat in it.I live in the Santa Fe,Alvin area.Where is the best place to find the wheat free foods?Thanks so much!!

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