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Adult ADD Perhaps

Philadelphia, PA

Any of you mom with dimentia or struggling with concentrating just on one thing. I seem to struggle with short term memory issues(if i turned the stove off or if i turned the lights off in the closet)and concentrating just on what ever i'm doing. ( I either drift away thinking about soemthing else). I seem to notice after we got a bigger house and had a son, I guess taking care of a family. So my question is have any of you have this problem, could it be ADD, have you guyes been diagnosed by an MD. Taking any meds, how is affecting you. Have you had a baby afterwards, did it interfere, did you stop taking meds months before you tried have the next baby. I hope you guyes can help. Thanks -M.

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Anger Issues

Washington DC, MD

I have a very sweet 4 year that lately as been having issues with dealing with his anger. He can be playing so nice and then something sets him off and he just looses it. He lashes out, sometimes hits or pushes other kids and grunts in anger. Once he can calm down, he's fine and apologetic, but he can snap so easily. He is starting a new daycare, and I thought maybe it was his old daycare that had a bad affect on him, because it started while he was at the old daycare, and there was alot of chaos and lack of control in his class. But he can't seem to calm himself down and thinks everyone is being mean to him. I've worried about him for awhile because he is a very active, busy child, extrememly smart, but can't sit still for long or really focus if you are trying to talk to him. But he can concentrate on things that are challenging, like puzzles or constructing. I'm worried about him having conduct disorder or ADD,ADHD, but figured he still is too young to be diagnosed. Has anyone had a child with these issues and how do you help them?

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Does Anyone Know?

Kokomo, IN

OK i have a 4 year old that does not shut up. I am talking about when he is not talking he is singing. I know both his father and i talk a lot, so is he just taking after us or does he have attention deficit or hyper activity disorder? He is always on the go. but both his dad and i are always on the go. i was told by a friend that he has to be 5 before they would test him. is it just me and my busy schedule that thinks there is a problem. i am a hairdresser and a full time student in my last year of surgical technologist and taking care of him with out the father or family. please i need your input should i take him to the Dr to see if something is wrong?

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Help My Teenage Daughter Is Driving Me Crazy

Cincinnati, OH

what do you do when your 16 year old thinks she knows everything?you know nothin.she is for the most part a very good girl, so i cant complain there,but when it comes to hair,make up, clothes ,and the guys ,i know nothing.and she has turned into a slob,wont keep her room clean for nothin and it drives me nuts, she always wants to be out running or doing something, it never stops.help me....

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Seeking Advice on ADD Testing for an Older Child

San Francisco, CA

I have a daughter who is 14 years old. She has been going downhill in her schoolwork and grades over the past few years. We have tried tutoring and that has helped with minimal success. Recently we were on vacation with family members, and when my sister-in-law heard about my daughters difficulties, she suggested she get tested for ADD. She has a daughter who was recently diagnosed and felt their were many similarities in their behaviors. I have brought up the subject with my husband but he is not sure he believes that my daughter's problem is ADD, he feels it is more related to laziness. I feel that she starts to do her work and becomes overwhelmed and quits. Tests and memorization are very difficult for her. I am looking for advice from moms who have had this situation with an older child. I would also like advice on how to start the testing process.

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Seeking Advise on Daughters ODD

Appleton, WI

We just found out our daughter has ODD(oppisitional defiance disorder)and ADHD.I have never heard of ODD before she was diagnosed with this.I was just wondering if anyone else has delt with this and what kind of things you can do to change the behavior.Any advise would be wonderful we have been at our wits end at times.We will be going to therapy but the appt. takes awhile to get into so i thought in the mean time if you have been through this we could get some advise.

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Seeking Anybodys Help or Suggestions

San Diego, CA

my son has been kick out of his pre-school for behavioral issues, they said when my son started this program they would have a behavioral teacher and never followed thru. Im a full time nursing student trying to make a better life for my son.He shows some signs of ADD but my medical insurance will not cover behavioral issues.Is there some information or any advice to be given will be much appeciated. Thank you D.

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