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Columbus, OH

Does anyone know of or have had any success with a homeopathic treatment for eczema? What did you try? My son has a bit of it on his arms, and he is starting to itch every now and again.

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Help with Skin Condition

Los Angeles, CA

my best friend's sister just emailed me looking for advice on how to deal with Molluscum Contagiosum. has anyone out there dealt with this? thanks for any help or advice. she is trying to find a more holistic/alternative approach as the traditional route is not working and she's concerned about the side effects.

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Lyme's Disease and Antibiotics

San Francisco, CA

hello! My son was bitten by a tick in the navel and my osteopath(who has tons of alternative information and is usually very conservative in prescribing medicine of any type and we NEVER take meds,maybe aspirin once a year) )has recommended 4 weeks of antibiotics.We are on day two and poor guy is complaining of tummy aches and farting up a storm.We have been following directions as to how to take the pills and we eat pretty much all organic foods.What can I do to help his gut survive this onslaught? Any particular type of yoghurt? Any thing else? P.

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Molluscum Contagiosum

San Antonio, TX

Anyone heard of this or has your child ever had this? My dd has it and from what I have been reading there is no cure. Only to get them lancing or using liqiud nitrogen to freeze them off. We have an appointment on the 16th of March...too me too long. I found this website what do you'll think should I buy some and see if they help? http://www.molluscum.com/index.php It's an alternative meds called SilverCure. I just feel so bad b/c the are on her face. And they are spreading. Any advise or words of wisdom?

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Seeking Advice

Houston, TX

Was wondering if any of you have tried Focus Formula, natural herbal remedy for treating ADHD? If so, what is your experience with this? I am looking for something more natural/homeopathic instead of Adderall XR. Daughter still has hard time swallowing pills so something liquid would be wonderful.

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Seeking Advise and Help with ADHD

Los Angeles, CA

My son is 4 years old and has been diagnosed with severe ADHD. i was given a questionare to fill out and each question depending how you answer it has points to figure out where your child falls well 20 points is a severe case of ADHA my son scored a whopping 42 points so he doubled the points. I love my baby boy dearly (by baby boy he is the youngest of the boys not to be mistaken that i still think he is a baby) and want to make sure he is treated kindly by others and not mistaken for a " BAD BOY" My problems really started this year he is attending state preschool and his attention span is the biggest problem and causes him to get into trouble. an example is the other kids have an attention span of 7-10 minutes and that is what rug time consists of and my son is at maybe 3 minutes so for the rest of the time the teachers are trying to keep him from distracting the other kids. I have observed him in class and have wonderful teachers that are caring and trying to find different ways to work with my son but unfortunatly can't do class time around my son so I need help and suggestions. My son is NOT aggressive to other kids, shares well and plays good with the kids and is as sharp as a tack so we can't understand how he learns so much but most of the time seems like he is not listening hidding under tables and fidgeting all around. He know his letters and sounds upper and lower has since he was 2 1/2 years know numbers, shapes, colors and so much more but just can't seem to sit and listen to directions as they are givin. He is a very loving boy to everyone full of hugs and kisses all the time he always tells me that he loves me and how beuatiful I am he just melts everyones heart even the other mothers in the class just love him, but I am afraid that next year when he goes to Kindergarten (he will be 5 in Sept 11 as school starts) the teachers are always so busy with all the things teachers have to teach, that my son will be labled as a BAD KID and not helped. I do not believe in medication I have done alot of reserch on the different drugs that are out there and do not like the side affects so choose to try more natural aproach to it so i have tried a natural herb named CINA it's suppose to help with nervousness, irritability, sleeplessness in children and i read that it could help with ADHD symptoms it works to make him slow a tiny bit but not enough sometimes i only give it to him when he goes to school at home i just deal with him and his activness he is mine and i will love him the way he is. Has anyone heard of anything else that may help, diet is out of the question he is already Lactose intolerant and cannot have vegetables or canned fruit if he has a candy or a small glass of coke that seems to calm him but I do not want him to have all that sugar on his teeth and in his body.I know i jumped around alot but there is so much about him that i was trying to cover the more important things first. Please any help or suggestions would help

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