What’s next for Mamapedia?

What’s next for Mamapedia?

Welcome to the new Mamapedia blog! I’d like to extend a big hello to the entire (3 million +) Mamapedia community on behalf of Get It. For a little background I’m Jacob Peebles, CEO / Co-founder of Get It. Late last year we acquired Mamapedia, LLC with a great deal of excitement and anticipation on where we could take the community and its awesome and lively user base. 

So why the message now, many months later? Well, we’ve been heads down getting our arms around the system and putting a large amount of effort into bringing the technology from 2009 into 2015 (that’s like going from a Motorola RAZR flip phone to an iPhone 6:). It’s a large endeavor, and as many old and diehard Mama’s know, Mamapedia was once part of Mamasource, a mom-focused deals site. So there’s a lot to unravel along the way, and we are working daily towards doing just that.

We have a number of improvements right around the corner, and are listening to all the chatter on the site. Please stay patient as we work to release a new and vastly improved experience.

Again, we can’t be more excited about what’s in store for Mamapedia and its community, it’s time to give it the attention it deserves.


Jacob Peebles
CEO / Co-founder

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