The New And Improved Daily Digest

The New And Improved Daily Digest

We’ve been working hard to improve the Daily Digest newsletter and our first cut is finally done.  The new email layout is mobile friendly and packed full of content.  Most content is linked directly back to the Mamapedia website, so you can simply click it to read the full content, reply to questions and ask your own questions.

Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll find in the new Daily Digest.

Daily Digest Sections

1. Header


The Header is where you’ll find your personalized greeting and the issue date of the Daily Digest issue you’re reading.

2. Voices Article


Each Daily Digest includes an excerpt of the latest Voices article.

3. Local Questions


In this section of the newsletter you’ll find questions that are specific to your local area.  If there are no local questions this section will be omitted.

4. Recent Questions


Three recently posted questions are highlighted each day.

5. Trending Questions


This sections has the three questions that have gotten the most answers in the last week.

6. Questions That Need Your Help


Here you’ll find questions that haven’t gotten many answers yet.  Maybe you can help the author by answering her question?

7. Time Machine


The Time Machine section highlights the question with the most responses from five years ago .

8. Ask your question buttons


In several places you find links that take you directly to the Ask A Question page on Mamapedia.

9. Link to the publication guidelines


Ever wondered what it takes to get published on Mamapedia?  This section provides you with a link to instructions on how to submit an article for publication.

10. Footer


The footer section includes links to our privacy policy and a link to change your email preferences.  You can use that link to subscribe and unsubscribe to various Mamapedia emails.

How to subscribe

If you haven’t subscribed yet and would like to, visit your user profile Email Preferences and set Deliver My Digest to Daily.

Thoughts on what would make the Daily Digest better?

We encourage your feedback and welcome you to post comments about the new format here.  We’re particularly interested to know what you would like to see in the Daily Digest and what you think we should change.

6 thoughts on “The New And Improved Daily Digest

  1. I guess my comment on this is I don’t really read this email when I get it. If the blog posting at the top looks interesting I might click on that and read it. Otherwise, I just delete the daily digest. So…I guess the changes you have made to this page don’t really apply to me. Looks good though. Thanks.

  2. I’ve been on MP for only a short time, so I can’t really compare the new from the past. I think right now it’s easy to read and navigate through. I like it very much. Thank you!

    1. Thanks for the feedback Eve, and I’m really glad to hear you like the newsletter. And welcome to Mamapedia -we’re glad you’re a member!

  3. I like the e-newsletter. My only two points of criticism:

    1. The ad that shows up between the content. I find this distracting. It would be much better off to the side.

    2. The flashback content isn’t that interesting. Not much has changed in five years (moms still have the same concerns), so I think it could be left off the newsletter.

    As a writer and editor, I encourage you to keep up the good work on the catchy headlines. The right subject line (your lead story) can make all the difference in getting readers to open the email.

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