Mamapedia Contributor Spotlight: Stephanie Dulli

Mamapedia Contributor Spotlight: Stephanie Dulli

Recently, we published a post in Mamapedia “Voices” that was so moving, it honestly made us cry. The piece was by blogger Stephanie Dulli of Stephanie Says, and we decided we just had to get to know this impressive writer. Here she shares more on what it takes to connect with her readers on such a meaningful level.

What made you want to start your own parenting blog?

The short story is I had been an actress and comedienne in Los Angeles and after I had my first son, we moved across the country, suddenly I was in a new state with no friends and no one to talk too except my friends in my computer! One of them said, “You have so many stories! You should start a blog!” So I did a little research and did just that. Through it I made friends in the area and basically blogging changed my life.

What three words would you use to describe your blog?

Random, silly, evolving.

What is your favorite blog post to date?

That’s a really tough one. I had shelved my blog for a while until I realized it could be whatever I wanted it to be. I’m more interested in writing essays on whatever strikes my fancy (which is frequently my children and our lives together) than a daily recounting of our activities. That being said if I had to choose just one it would be The Dance Of Motherhood.

What’s your go-to tip for balancing blogging with parenthood?

Make your own rules and stick to them. I decided early on that I wouldn’t share things that I knew outright would embarrass my children. I don’t write about potty training or accidents. I don’t write about how bad they have been (Although I do tweet OMG IS IT BEDTIME YET?). But, I will go to the ends of the earth to get a laugh at my own expense. Parenting is always a great experiment where we are constantly assessing the variable that is our children. What they love to eat on Monday, they hate on Tuesday. So, my advice would be to decide your rules and then go for it! Also use less words than I do. I like all the words. Can you tell?

What is the best piece of parenting advice you’ve ever received?

Oh this is easy! And it came from a fellow DC Metro blogger. She told me the best thing you can do when they ask a question is take a moment and find out how much they know already. For instance, we just had a death in the family and my son asked some tough questions. I asked him what he thought and what he knew of it and listened while he told me. I was then able to tailor my answers to his level of understanding and not overwhelm him, but to clear some things up.

What’s a typical day like for you?

My two year old is currently co-sleeping so I wake up when she does and we cuddle for a while, which is heaven on earth. Then I get myself downstairs to hustle my sons off to school. After that I either run errands or come home and write and edit. I am a photographer and I find my little one is more likely to let me get more work done before nap time than after it!

What’s the best insight you can offer other parenting bloggers?

Write only to please yourself and then put it out there. And make a book of your favorite posts for your kids to read in the future. The internet is great, but nothing beats a book or a printed picture.
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