Mamapedia Contributor Spotlight: Billy Kilgore

Mamapedia Contributor Spotlight: Billy Kilgore

This week we catch up with Billy Doidge Kilgore (aka Wrap Daddy) to find out how this stay-at-home parent uses blogging as a creative outlet, in addition to caring for his adorable son Henry. Every day on the blog he invites readers to join him on the parenting learning curve, and maybe find a little bit of humor in everyday life.

What made you want to start your own parenting blog?

I started my blog because I needed a creative outlet and a parenting blog seemed like a logical choice because it allowed me to write about the thing that dominated my time. It is a great tool to keep me writing and reflecting on experiences with my son. Also, writing for my blog has inspired me to write lengthier articles published on websites like Mamapedia, Scary Mommy, and Washington Post On parenting. Most of all, it has kept me sane as a stay-at-home father and given me something constructive to do every week.

What 3 words would you use to describe your blog?

thoughtful and reflective with a touch of humor

What is your favorite blog post to date?

What’s your go-to tip for balancing blogging with parenthood?

Before you launch your blog, decide how much writing is realistic for you. Don’t attempt to write everyday unless you know you call pull that off because if you can’t it will lead to quick burnout and an abandoned blog. Set a reasonable goal like one to two quality posts a week. Also, plan to revise your writing. Try to find a system that allows you to write drafts so that you have a chance to revisit your work before you hit the publish button.

What is the best piece of parenting advice you’ve ever received?

Breath deeply. Parenting is overwhelming, especially when caring for small children. Make sure you step away from your child a few times a day and take deep breaths to regain perspective. This is what gets me through the day.

What’s a typical day like for you?

I wake with my son around six o’clock in the morning and, typically, spend the entire day with him until my wife gets off work at five o’clock. We spend the early morning around the house eating breakfast and reading books and playing. Around mid-morning we go to the playground, library, or park for a change of scenery and stay there until lunch time. After lunch, I do a quiet time with him in the bedroom, which is followed by a trip to the grocery store to get a few ingredients for dinner. I start cooking dinner around 4 o’clock and we eat together as soon as me wife is done with work. Between the grocery and dinner my son plays in the backyard. When do I write? In the evenings after my son is asleep or on the weekends.

What’s the best insight you can offer other parenting bloggers?

Try to avoid diary writing and shift towards topical writing. If you want to engage others you need to find points of shared interest (toddler discipline, sleeplessness, coffee addiction) and use them to give your unique perspective.
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