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I am your local mom and caring provider. I know that your childs early months are critical for developing critical thinking, problem solving and social skills. I believe children learn by exploring and investigating through play and music with age appropriate activities. With lots of hugs, kisses, smiles, songs, crafts and books, I guide them to discover their special potentials that is like a hidden treasure that only a caring and loving provider can find! Come see me and see for yourself! I promise you will not be disappointed!

Reviews from 5 Moms

Rated Five Stars by a Mom in Germantown, MD on Nov. 29, 2008

My daughter (18months) has been going to Pina's Daycare for about a year and we have been very happy! Miss Pina and Miss Bergitta have taught our daughter so much already we are amazed. They have daily routines which include: circle, play, nap, outside, art, snack, and lunch time. We get daily reports that tell us what she has been working on during the day. We couldn’t have asked for more loving and caring individuals to watch our daughter.

Rated Five Stars by a Mom in Germantown, MD on Nov. 19, 2008

We have been very lucky to have found Pina when our first child was born. Going back to work after her birth was made so much easier knowing I was leaving her in capable and loving hands. When we then welcomed our twin boys into the world, there was no question where they would go for daycare--Pina's!

Pina's daycare offers my children so much more than I could have ever dreamed. Pina and her assistant, Bergitta, not only care for my children, but they teach them so much. Everything from manners to how to use the computer. My daughter, who is now in first grade, learned her letters, phonics and reading through the help of Miss Pina. She started Kindergarten reading and now is a fantastic reader.

The day is well structured and my children have thrived. They have opportunities to explore their world, play, and create.

My children love going to daycare so much, there are many days when they cry because they have to leave to go home! It makes me feel wonderful to know they consider daycare their second home and Miss Pina and Miss Bergitta have become our family. We've sent our children to Pina's Daycare for almost seven years and I have never regretted it.

Rated Five Stars by a Mom in Germantown, MD on Nov. 18, 2008

I leave my 7 months old daughter in the care of Ms. Pina 5 days a week and I am very pleased with the results. Ms. Pina takes care of her, feeds her, and teaches her new things daily. I also receive e-mail status and a daily status sheet showing what she did and ate that day. Plus the fact that Ms. Pina lives 2 minutes from my house is a plus for me. I could not ask for a better day care for my infant. We love you Ms. Pina!!!!

Rated Five Stars by a Mom in Germantown, MD on Nov. 18, 2008

My daughter does her homework before and after school and still has time to play with the children. She also asks me to take her to Ms. Pina's on holidays. NOT Happening!

Rated Five Stars by a Mom in Germantown, MD on Oct. 29, 2008

My sons have been going to this Daycare/school since 2000. As a mother of two the decision to go back to work after 5 years of being a stay home mom was the hardest thing I have EVER done. I started partime. My youngest son was a VERY sick child with Asthma. Pina and her staff have been the best thing in my life. WE all know when we have to choose to work or stay home with our children it is the hardest choice to make. Pina is part of our family, not just someone who watches my children. Everyday homework is completed which is part of the routine and care she provids for my family. So when we get home we can review the homework and spend time with my boys.

My youngest went to this school for pre=school and has been doing AWESOME in readind and writing. My older son went to a pre-school and to tell you the truth we have seen the younger one do better.

Over all the years I have not once had a problem or a day she wasn't been there for me.

I have to say that all stories I hear about daycare and schools, I am a VERY lucky Mom.

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