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World of Wonders

1 reviews
  • San Antonio, TX 78233
  • (210) 667-7071

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Opened 2000, Registered Childcare Home 2003, Private Childcare & Preschool Listed 2015.

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Rated One Star by a Mom in San Antonio, TX on Sep. 23, 2009

When meeting w/ Ms. Kunz initially, she seemed the "perfect fit" for my child to attend. I was looking for a Christian home preschool, & Ms. Kunz appeared to be such a person. However, she crossed the line when she tried to impose her own beliefs in my personal relationship w/ my fiance, & she decided to include "2 cents" on our "relations." This was unwarranted, & unwanted opinions, & VERY unprofessional. We'd also agreed upon exceptions to her contract, which I drew up on a separate sheet of paper. She told me she had to get her husband's approval before she would sign it. She never did, & it wasn't anything we didn't agree to ahead of time.

She also wanted to charge me a tuition late fee when her tuition was being paid in advance. I find it unreasonable that we'd agreed that I was not able to be in town necessarily on Fridays to get my child from her dad's, & since she refuses to open before 7:15am (7 am at the EARLIEST), I have class on Fridays, I have to be in Troy after I get out of class, & it's usually 11pm by the time I'm back in San Antonio, I think it's unreasonable to charge me a $30 late fee when my child hadn't even attended yet for the week. (Part of the terms to the exception to her contract.)

I started getting a bad feeling when she'd initially crossed the line regarding my personal life, & after only 4 days of my child attending, my child was pulled out. In response I received a VERY unprofessional e-mail stating how glad she was I pulled my child out of her class, & how God answers prayers (I'm assuming hers).

I WOULD NOT recommend Ms. Kunz at all. She seems nice enough, but not in a sincere way, & almost superficial. She is extremely unreasonable in some of her expectations & unprofessional the rest of the time. She is also requiring a cash payment, & would not accept a check, which struck me as odd as well, & made me uneasy. I had to request a receipt that she did not initially offer. I suspect she isn't reporting cash payments to the government, but I cannot prove my suspicions. If you make exceptions to some of the outrageous things listed in her contract, GET HER TO SIGN IT FIRST, or don't sign her contract at all, & YOU WILL NOT have a meeting of the minds.

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