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Treasures of the Heart Preschool and Child Care

4 reviews
  • Near 35E and Maryland
    St. Paul, MN 55130
  • (651) 778-9531

Business description (provided by the business owner):

Treasures of the Heart Child Care is an in-home child care. 24 years experience. Preschool program September thru June, that I develop and sell to other providers across the U.S, and Canada.

4 star rating program through Parent Aware
and CDA (Child Development Associate) in August of 2008.

Treasures of the Heart Preschool and Child Care is a literacy rich preschool - to better prepare children for kindergarden. Children have the opportunity during the day to play, learn and have fun.

"Treasures" will have 2 openings for September - 2009. Ages 18 months and up.

Please visit website for pictures, parent handbook and additional information.
Thank you
Treasures of the Heart Preschool and Child care

(Up-Dated March 25, 2009)

Reviews from 4 Moms

Rated Five Stars by a Mom in Saint Paul, MN on Feb. 02, 2007

She is the best provider out there :-)

Rated Five Stars by a Mom in Hastings, MN on Jan. 25, 2007

Jean is an AMAZING caregiver. She spends an incredible amount of time with the children. My kids are 3 and 5 months and they both have a great time at Jean's. Jean's preschool program is top notch. I cannot believe the things my daughter has accomplished after having started at Treasure's one year ago. I would highly recommend Treasure's of the Heart where children receive the loving attention they so deserve!

Rated Five Stars by a Mom in Minneapolis, MN on Jan. 25, 2007

I would definitely consider this a fabulous daycare! The kids do way more than just sit in front of a TV all day - they LEARN and sing songs and have fun. My child surprises me all of the time with with knowledge and singing songs that I am certain he is not getting from me! He loves Jean, he loves his friends and he gets excited to go to daycare everyday. At 2 and a half years old, he is an absolute jabber-jaw when it comes to telling what he learned in daycare. It's a very convenient location to my work in downtown St. Paul, the neighborhood is nice, and the environment of the daycare itself is very warm and kid-friendly. This was the first daycare my son ever went to and I'm sticking with it until my son goes to school! (And I hope to continue there with future children!) We were really lucky to have found Jean!

Rated Five Stars by a Mom in Inver Grove Heights, MN on Jan. 25, 2007

My daughter loved going to Treasures of The Heart Daycare (she attended for 5 years); the curriculum and the activities that she provides is GREAT and it is something that the kids learn from. I especially loved the projects that they do and bring home and how the kids love attending her daycare. Thanks Jean for providing a safe and wonderful place for the kids.

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