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The Avatar Course. Explore Beliefs!

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  • San Jose, CA 95130
  • (408) 378-9958

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Parenting is the most important and challenging job there is. It's filled with questions and "shoulds" and "what must I do nows" and the opportunity to love and nurture and create happy children.The Avatar Course is a must for parents. Call Marilyn to make a FREE face-to-face appointment to explore your beliefs and determine how crucial they are to your parenting. The private mini-course gives you the tools to see how your beliefs affect the way you experience life and the others around you. Conflicts and problems become easily solved or even dissolved. Those around you seem happier.
To Make an appointment for a FREE 3-hour Belief Management Workshop, call Marilyn at 408-378-9958. You and your family deserve it!
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Rated Five Stars by a Mom in Sacramento, CA on Mar. 05, 2008

Before I did the Avatar Course I felt at the effect of those around me and was often upset because my family was not doing things they way I felt they should. After doing the course I respond to situations now (lovingly) instead of reacting to them. My daughter and I used to butt heads whenever we were in the same room together. Today we share what I feel is the perfect mother/daughter relationship I could not of even hoped for. We are friends and there is nothing we cannot talk and share with each other today. Also, with my Mother I couldnt even be in the same room with her I would get upset and anxious and swear that I would never speak to her again. Today I totally love and accept her as she is and because I KNOW that I am enough I have never felt a need to defend myself or not be real and honest with her. We have a very close loving relationship. Both my Mother and daughter have shifted in their lives because of the tools I have learned from Avatar. The relationships I have created with my family are wonderful today. Thank you Marilyn for being there for me to create the relationship I have with my daughter and Mom I have only dreamed of in the past but did not think was possible. Love, Tiffany

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