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Nana's Place

7 reviews
  • Uptown/Preston-Royal
    Dallas, TX 75230
  • (214) 373-8895

Business description (provided by the business owner):

Specializing in infant care, Nana has been providing loving care for wee ones for over 15 years. She previously was the director of Goodnight Moon Childcare. She now provides an accelerated in-home learning environment with training techniques proven to develop bilingual language skills and an early understanding of math/spacial principles. But even more importantly, hugs and giggles abound at Nana's Place.

Reviews from 7 Moms

Rated Five Stars by a Mom in Dallas, TX on Aug. 27, 2010

Nana Erla is pure magic! Our daughter loves her so much and lights up when we drop her off.

Erla knows child rearing! I've learned some really useful parenting tips and am grateful that we found Nana. I have recommended her to every parent I know looking for child care. She's loving, patient, funny and very intuitive.

Rated Five Stars by a Mom in Dallas, TX on Apr. 27, 2010

Nana Erla is phenomenal. Our daughter giggles and shrieks the second we walk in the door and you can see the love is reciprocal. The nursery is a very calm, soothing place while the playroom is full of bright, educational toys and activities. I cannot stress how grateful we are to have Erla caring for our daughter.

Rated Five Stars by a Mom in Dallas, TX on Jul. 24, 2009

Erla (Nana) is fantastic. My 2-yr old son, Noah, has been w/ Erla since he was 3 months old. She's terrific with him, and he adores her. Her home is located in a very nice area of Dallas, and the house is very clean and kid-friendly. Even though Noah starts school this Fall, I expect Erla to be part of his life for years to come.

Rated Five Stars by a Mom in Houston, TX on Jul. 22, 2009

The only reason my son is no longer at Nana's is because we moved out of town. I met Nana as a skeptical first time mom, but I am thoroughly convinced that no one could have cared better for him. He LOVED going to her place and misses all his friends terribly! Erla, Tobi says " 'ink you, wub you! I'll see you later . . ."

Rated Five Stars by a Mom in Dallas, TX on Jul. 22, 2009

As a first-time Mom, I was terrified of putting my 6-week old in day care. (I'm a full-time working Mom) The first day I met Nana Erla, she swooped my baby up in her arms, and my daughter stopped crying! I knew this was the place for us. My daughter is almost 2 now, and has learned so much from Nana. She has excelled in learning colors, numbers and letters. She already uses her polite words and is practicing sharing, thanks to Nana's guidance. Nana has been a blessing to our family in many ways and has literally become a part of our family. When we turn on Nana's street, my daughter yells with joy "Nana's!!!" and is ALWAYS happy to see her Nana, who loves my daughter just as much in return.

Rated Five Stars by a Mom in Dallas, TX on Jul. 21, 2009

Nana Erla is wonderful and she truly loves the children she watches. She has a lot of energy and at the end of the day she still has a smile on her face. I had my son at a day care before and he was always tired and fussy when I picked him up. When I pick my son up now from Nana’s, he is very happy. She also gets so excited if my son does something new that day and she’ll tell me all about it when I pick him up. I am very grateful to have found Nana Erla.

Rated Five Stars by a Mom in Dallas, TX on Jul. 21, 2009

Nana is just wonderful! We currently have our 3 month old with her, full time (both mom and dad work 9-5 M-F) and he is a happy growing little guy. Nana is affectionate, caring, very knowledgeable about infants (and toddlers), and he is clearly thriving with her. Nana provides a safe and stimulating environment, full of toys, other little friends, and more importantly loving oversight. Everyday we receive details about his day and communication with Nana is just great (very reassuring to mommy who misses baby). It has been a God-send to find Nana. We hope other families will be able to experience Nana's place like we have. We give her our highest recommendation!

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