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Maris Ehlers Photography

1 reviews
  • 10981 4th Street NE
    Suite 106
    Hanover, MN 55341
  • (612) 200-0900

Business description (provided by the business owner):

Maris Ehlers Photography is a boutique photography studio specializing in capturing family life.

Review from 1 Mom

Rated One Star by a Mom in Bemidji, MN on Aug. 03, 2012

I booked a Senior Grad Photo shoot with this photographer because I enjoyed the photos on her website and thought her work to be creative and beautiful.
When booking a session I was informed that 90 percent of her clients worked prior to a photo shoot with her chosen make up artist and it was an extra $50...
I agreed.
This photorapher insisted on approving outfits prior to the photo shoot to insure success and taste. We agreed and complied.
This photographer promised verbally that each Senior Grad she photographed would be given unique backdrops and locations so no other photos looked like theirs.
I was excited.
This photographer told me the locations she worked in would be posted to a Pintrest Board and we could also post our ideas and share what our vision was for a photo shoot.
This photographer set up the Pintrest Board... but posted nothing to it.

We signed a contract, and paid $230. deposit for our session 3 weeks in advance.

I didn't hear from this photographer. 3 days prior to the shoot I emailed her and asked why we had no pins to the board? I received no response. On the night prior to shoot I sent an email asking what the schedule would be for our shoot. I noted I had not heard from her and wanted to know what we had planned. I was disappointed that she had not shown us any locations.

This photographer responded by pinning a series of photos to the board that were not her work. She pinned no locations or actual ideas from herself.

The evening prior to our photo shoot this photographer e mailed me at 9pm a nice note telling me what she had planned and explaining she was sooo creative that she just chose the photo sites on the day of - Her note stated it was her creative way of working.
This was a different story than the one she told me at booking. I was still fine with it.

The next morning I beleived everything was fine. This photographer emailed me 2 emails. The emails stated she was calling me on all my phones. She did not.
The caller ID in both my cell and home had received no calls. She sent another anxiety ridden email at 11:30 the morning of our shoot telling me I was unfair to her..she cancelled the makeup artist and the photo shoot.
I wish I knew these messages were sitting in my email. I dodn't know they were there becuase I llooked at my email at 12:30pm.

I was shocked. My daughter and I had waited for this day all month. My daughter took off work to attend. My daughter was shocked, sad and a bit humiliated. She felt a person in business had rejected her before ever meeting her. My daughter had also spent her own money purchaing several dresses based on the guidance of this photographer for the photo shoot.

I called this photographer and asked her "Why would you cancel my photo shoot the day of without ever talking to me?" This photographer went really crazy and talked in a circle. She said something about She and I were on opposite of the world creative spectrums. She accused me of trying to drive her bus?" I stated at this point I was not interested in listening to her insult me and how could I retrieve my $230 deposit.
This photographer said she would mail it to me..
This photographer still has not sent me a refund.

I have called this week ( i week later) to ask for the refund. At first Maris answered the phone friendly and asked me how I was doing. I asked about my refund and she said "oh... I mailed it yesterday". I could tell she was having trouble remembering who I even am.

Since this photographer had a contract with me, that I did not break- I feel she owes me a timely refund. I also feel she owes my daughter an apology.

I think this person is very unprofessional and has no idea how deeply she hurt my poor daughter.
I have 4 daughters. This one is a 4.0 honor student . We felt her grad photos were very special since school had mean't so much to her. I was willing to pay or do anything I could to insure a fun day and a successful grad photo.

This woman was screaming in the phone at me and did not realize I had house guests ( other Moms) over for coffee. I put her on speaker and let all my freinds hear how she treated me.

When you are cruel, unfair or mean to people- you never know who is watching do you?

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