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Encore Entertainment

1 reviews
  • annandale , VA 22003
  • (703) 522-7200

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We provide fun children's entertainment for kids of all ages. Live animal magic shows with bunny and doves, regular magic shows, hand puppetry, face painting, balloon twisting, and games.

Review from 1 Mom

Rated One Star by a Mom in Santa Clara, CA on Apr. 23, 2009

I would give Patricia Bailey 0 stars if I could. i found her on the internet and thought her pictures of face painting was amazing. I emailed her for my daughter's birthday party in July. I am in California and the party is going to be in Maryland so I wanted to get a head start and make sure that this was taken care of early. This is my daughter's first birthday party and it really means a lot to me. Getting the contract from Pat was painful. She took a week and a half to email me her contract after having to email her SEVERAL times about it. When I got the contract, I was surprised it took so long to create because: 1) it had no letter head and just listed the information on a regular .doc file and 2) it looked as if she just cut and pasted my information over another contract she had used because she had forgotten to change the date on the contract. Anyway, this contract had a couple of mistakes so I asked her if she could make the corrections and then send it back to me. She replied that she would but it would take another week and a half and several more emails on my part to get the corrected contract back. (Note: After my second email for the corrected contract, she said she thought she had already sent it to me. She does not keep very good records, I suppose.) I get the "corrected contract" back and there are STILL mistakes on it. I was tired of trying to track her down so I asked her if it was okay that make the corrections myself. She said okay and so I did. I mailed the contract and check out to her the following day and a week and half after that, I had still not heard any response, informing me if she had gotten the contract. So, once again, I, the customer, had to go out of my way to email her and ask her about it. She said she had not received it. This was the final straw. I felt as if she was putting me off and, for some unknown reason, was trying to delay the process. I told her that I put a stop payment on my check and that her lack of professionalism forced me to go in another direction. I guess she doesn't take criticism very well because she sent me a spiteful response, unlike other businesses, who would have sent an email with a more apologetic tone. After explaining to her that customers should not have to go through all the trouble that I went through trying to get a simple contract by email, she made me feel stupid as a mom trying to plan her daughter's birthday party 3 months in advance and, to top it all off, she called me a "nut"!!!!!! -- I have never been one to badmouth ANY company. I am not a complainer and am very forgiving but when someone criticizes me for something I am doing for my daughter and calls me names, that is where I draw the line! I hope that her lack of respect does not reflect her work. Trust me, fellow mamas, when I say: DO NOT hire Pat Bailey for any of your party needs! If any one needs further proof of her rudeness, I will be happy to email them to you.

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