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Clarion Mortgage Capital

3 reviews
  • Murphy, TX 75094
  • (214) 227-7568

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As a woman who has purchased a home before I got into this business, I clearly remember how overwhelming it was to navigate through the mortgage process. Therefore, I strive to work closely with my clients to make sure they have someone they can depend on to get them to the closing table. I also process the loans which simply means I don't hand you off to someone else after the loan application is taken. I'm there with you every step of the way.

If you or anyone you know needs any assistance with a home refinance, purchase or is looking to pull some equity out, please let me know. I have very competitve pricing and excellent customer service.

Please let me know if I can be of any assistance!!


Reviews from 3 Moms

Rated Five Stars by a Mom in McKinney, TX on Jun. 23, 2008

Jenny assisted me with my mortgage last year. She is an excellent communicator & responded quickly. I had different ideas of how I wanted my loan structured & she helped me put the finishing touches on it & also introduced me to some other ideas I hadn't thought of.

She is extremely personable & detailed. Three days before my closing date, I had an unexpected wrench thrown into my equation. I had to get the whole loan restructured - and FAST! Jenny, was calm, cool & collected & pushed it all through. My closing date happened! I'm not so sure that would have happened with just anyone handling my mortgage.

I did business with Jenny a year later, and again, she got me excellent rates & it was so easy. Everything just fell into place.

She takes each one of her clients & thinks of the best way to structure the loan for that particular client.

Call her - you won't be disappointed. I am one tough cookie to please & Jenny Fisch has my vote!

Rated Five Stars by a Mom in Plano, TX on Jun. 11, 2008

Jenny helped me refinance my home about 5 years ago and also purchase my new home a year ago. She is very organized and detail oriented - two especially important factors when gathering all the required documents for closing. I knew she was always on top of my loan and would call if there was ever a concern, more information was needed, or a better program was available which was more advantageous to me financially or otherwise. On my home purchase, she worked very closely with my realtor, saving me time relaying information.

Jenny is very patient and will take as much time as needed to explain the loan process and answer your questions. I remember the first home I purchased (Without Jenny's help) and feeling very lost in the process. The loan officer was very intimidating and made me feel stupid for asking questions. Looking back, I can now see I was taken advantage of because of my lack of knowledge. I'm sure I'd have saved a bundle if I'd used Jenny on that first loan!

I would highly recommend Jenny Fisch for your home loan and home refinance needs. Give her a call - it doesn’t cost anything to receive a quote from her or to ask her for more information. I’ve had friends call her when they first considered a home purchase just to have her give them a quick estimate for what size loan they could be approved … good to know BEFORE one starts house shopping!

Rated Five Stars by a Mom in McKinney, TX on May. 25, 2008

Jenny helped us with our loan about two years ago and did an AMAZING job! She was so helpful and patient, guiding us through all of the paperwork. She worked wonderfully with the realtor and always kept us up to date. I would recommend her highly to anyone looking to refinance or buy!!!!

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