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BestFeeding Lactation Services, LLC

4 reviews
  • Chesapeake, VA 23322
  • (757) 944-1234

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Compassionate breastfeeding help for you and your baby by a board certified lactation consultant. Services include prenatal breastfeeding consults, home lactation support, Medela and Ameda breast pump rentals and breast pump sales at below retail prices.
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Reviews from 4 Moms

Rated Five Stars by a Mom in Virginia Beach, VA on Nov. 20, 2009

Stacy has been an incredible asset to my breastfeeding relationship. You will not find a more compassionate, kind, resourceful and educated lactation consultant anywhere. She truly cares about what is best for both Mom & baby, and her evidence-based medical approach always gives me such a huge sense of comfort that "I'm in the right hands". She and her business are both wonderful and I cannot be more impressed by her, as well as with her amazing skill and her very caring, professional demeanor. God certainly blessed both me and my newborn when he put Stacy in our lives. Thank you!

Rated Five Stars by a Mom in Norfolk, VA on Nov. 07, 2009

There are so many wonderful things that I could say about Stacy. I don't really know where to begin. I have 4 children spanning in ages from 7 years old to 4 weeks old. I have had so many problems breast feeding with the 3 older children. That when I had my youngest I was determined to breast feed her no matter what it took. But my past attempts seemed to be a future problems again. My pediatricians office referred me to Stacy. Once I explained to Stacy what was going on with me and the baby she was able to recommend More Milk Special Blend to me. (due to the fact that I suffer from PCOS and a severe low milk supply problems) With in the first week of the product I saw a difference. I was relieved that I found some one and something that finally worked for me. I have struggled though to breast feed (but please don't let my personal experience from discouraging you because every woman and body is special and unique) but Stacy is still there. Every time I call her she answers her phone no matter the time or day. She always has something for me to try. And she helps keep me up lifted. At times I feel like if it was not for her and her encouragement I would have quit breast feeding already. But she is great. She has been such a true blessing to me. She is very knowledgeable. And if there is something that she is not quite certain of she will find out for you and call you back as soon as she knows the answer. My faith in breast feeding has gone up 100% since meeting and talking with Stacy. I would highly recommend her to any woman that wishes to breast feed. Because there is no greater feeling than the one of providing the best for your children. And that is what Stacy helps you accomplish providing the best that you can for you and your child or children. I hope you that are reading this call Stacy and let her bless you with all her knowledge and care. Because she really is someone that will be on your side. She has been there above and beyond for me. And she is the best!

Rated Five Stars by a Mom in Virginia Beach, VA on Nov. 03, 2009

Stacy is absolutely wonderful. She came over the same night I called her and spent a lot of time with us. She is extremely knowledgeable, kind, and helpful. I am a first time mom and Stacy really helped me through this new adventure. I would recommend her to any breast feeding mother. For more information you can go to her website at

Rated Five Stars by a Mom in Virginia Beach, VA on Sep. 29, 2009

I contacted STacy when my son was around 8 weeks old. I was at the point of giving up on breastfeeding altogether because he was feeding 18 times/day and I felt like I was doing something wrong and he wasnt getting needed nourishment. Stacy came to our home and after 2 sessions realized that he had acid reflux. The very next day I went to the doctor, got needed medications and normalcy resumed. I also emailed Stacy numerous times and she was so helpful and responsive to all of my phone calls and emails. She was truly a ray of sunshine. She has found her calling!!!

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