Zyrtec for a 9Month Old

Updated on September 02, 2011
E.C. asks from Peru, IL
8 answers

I have read that you can give zyrtec at 6 months. Has anyone done this?

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answers from New Orleans on

My oldest child/daughter was on zyrtec about some where between 6-9 months. Her doctor told me she had allergies and wrote a prescrition for her out. I would talk to a their doctor first. :)

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answers from Augusta on

My daughter was taking zyrtec at around 9 months , when it first came out. Talk to your dr

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answers from Boston on

Yes but first you should see the pediatrician for proper diagnosis (allergies) and proper dose.

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answers from Houston on

My son started taking it around 9 months last fall and I discussed it with the pediatrician. He and my other two kids take zyrtec year-round except for the summer. For some reason, our allergies don't act up during the summer. I just started back up again and my husband and I both take allegra. It has helped all the kids tremendously.

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answers from Atlanta on

Hi E.,
I personally wouldn't give it to one so young. A natural alternative that did wonders in our home was elderberry extract. It is simply food so no side effects. It builds the immune system so all the irritants are simply not irritating. We still keep it in the house and my kids are 10 and 19...I even take it if I feel a little down.




answers from Chicago on

I would call your pediatrician.... Ours told us we could do children's zrytec when our daughter was about 15 months. She told us to start with 1/2 of the dose to see if it helped since E was still under 2. But, she said we could do the whole dose if the 1/2 didn't help.



answers from Oklahoma City on

Antihistamines dry the sinus' out horribly. Children have a common side effect of bad behaviors when taking them. It is because they can't tell you "Hey, my sinus' are really hurting because it's like a dry socket tooth hole". They just know they feel bad and act it.

Please do not give your child any medication not prescribed by your pediatrician. It can risk their life and make their little systems not develop correctly. If the baby is having allergies they need to see someone for that that will do the right thing.


answers from Portland on


I would check with a pediatrician first though. It is a sleep side-effect medicine so it makes kids sleepy and I know a lot of sleepy-inducing medicine kids can't have because the ingredient that causes it can stop a small child's heart in some cases.

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