Zoloft - Stopped Taking - and Am Pregnant

Updated on January 26, 2011
S.S. asks from Ravenna, OH
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Before I became pregnant, I was on celexia for anxiety and borderline depression. My physician moved me to Zoloft once I became pregnant. This past Friday I met with my OB for my first preggo visit; and he suggested, that if i was comfortable, that i could stop taking the Zoloft. I was actually happy to try and see; as I wanted to see if i was comfortable. Thursday the 20th was my last day on Zoloft. I think I'm fine.

I have had some dizzyness (Sat and today) - but I feel that may be morning sickness. As I'm writing, I have the dizzyness, but have not eaten in two hours. So, some fruit in my belly will hopefully take away the dizzyness.

I was wondering if though: 1) Other moms took this medicine while pregnant and what the OB said; abd 2) if stopped taking Zoloft, were there any side effects (the OB said that you can abruptly stop taking Zoloft, unlike other anti-depression meds).

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answers from Indianapolis on

I was taking zoloft with both of my kids and my OB had me wean off of it. I guess it really depends on how much you take. Good luck.

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answers from New York on

Hi Sara,
This is never easy and for anyone that questions why anyone would ever consider taking a medication while pregnant...trust me, it is not an easy choice and obviously the choice would be not to take a med if that were an option. However, for me, with my first pregnancy, I really felt that I needed it and it would have been more dangerous not to take it. I was on Zoloft 50mg once a day and my son is just fine and is five years old. I had only been on zoloft for about six months at that point and felt that having major panic attacks daily would have been more dangerous for the baby. And yes, I tried many other ways...ie, holistic, yoga, etc. Anyway, for my last pregnancy, I went off of it when I found out I was pregnant and went back on it the day I delivered. The difference was that this was five years later and I had been off of zoloft for a good period of time between then. I knew that I had the panic part under control yet my anxiety did return, yet was manageable. I more worry about everything! I was also a little distant and crankier then usual due to the hormones and felt excessive guilt for my son over having another child as he had all the attention for five years. Anyway, the point being is that this is always a benefit outweighing the risk type of thing. Look closely at the data.
As for going off of Zoloft. If there is a next time, you really should titrate down. There is no harm in doing that. I went to 25mg for a few days and then to every other day for a few days. I have a harder time, side effect wise, restarting Zoloft then going off of it. You should be fine if you are now though. No worries, just focus on an exciting pregnancy! If you want more info though, email me.

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answers from Detroit on

So I am not pregnant now but I have been on zoloft for a while because of anxiety and I was on it during my pregnancy with my son who is now 2 yrs old. I had a normal pregnancy and delivery. I have been thinking about quitting the zoloft too. What dose where you on? I am on 100 and wonder if I can just quit cold turkey or if I have to wean.

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answers from St. Louis on

My son is 6 months old and I had a m/c just before getting pregnant with him. I stopped taking my zoloft cold turkey back in Sept. 09 and didn't have any ill effects. I am actually gettting back to my old self again and have an appointment to start taking it again. I do not need a lot but I feel that I do need some help.

Good luck with your pregnancy your little one will be here before you know it.

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answers from Detroit on

There are natural supplements that help with depression and anxiety. You should talk with your OB and see if you can come up with a plan in case you do find you get depressed. Progeterone is the hormone that helps us get pregnant and stay pregnant and our body naturally produces it so it may be that you find you aren't depressed during pregnancy. If it were me I would discuss using an all natural bio identical progesterone cream. Good Luck I am sure you will be just fine with out it. Oh and congratulations!



answers from Dallas on

I would think that the meds would be out of your system by now, I'm no Dr but I stopped taking a med similar to that and it was out of my system by then. So it sounds to me to be a prego thing. Just make sure you dont stand to quickly, and side on the edge of the bed before getting out completely. This should pass pretty quickly.



answers from Cincinnati on

Hi S.,

I have never taken Zoloft, but dizzyness is a side effect during pregnancy, especially early on, for many people. I just had a baby in September and sometimes would experience this throughout the first 1/2 of the pregnancy. He was my second and I never experienced it with my first so maybe that is all that it is.



answers from Las Vegas on

I have been on and off zoloft for about 2 years now. I have never been on zoloft while pregnant.
I agree with the other person who said titrate down slowly. The times that I did go off zoloft I experienced withdrawl. I know you dr said that it doesn't do that, but it did for me. It took me about 2 weeks to titrate down and get off of the meds. After I stopped completely, I had withdrawl for about 2 weeks. I mostly felt tired and had headaches.

I have recently gone back on zoloft for a variety of reasons, but I hope to get off of it completely when things in my life calm down a bit.

If I were pregnant, i would stop. Yes, the withdrawl sucks for a few weeks, but then it is over. you are already 5 days in to it.....stick to it!!!!


answers from Columbus on

I actually started taking Zoloft during pregnancy for anxiety attacks. My nurse practitioner explained that it was more dangerous for me and the baby to keep having the anxiety attacks, than any side effects of the medicine. If I understand right, the highest possible risk to the baby is during the first trimester. My OB told me to wean myself off before I delivered, because the baby can go through withdrawal, and it can make them cranky and have trouble sleeping. I stopped taking it about a week before I delivered, and if I had any withdrawal symptoms I was too busy to notice. Then I had complications after delivery (long story) and the doctor and several nurses encouraged me to start taking Zoloft again right away because I was at higher risk for postpartum depression. I am now on 50mg and I'm breastfeeding, and haven't had any problems for me or my baby.



answers from Chicago on

I know I am not a medical professional but if we have such a limited meds list and so many things are no no's I don't see how an antidepressant if healthy for a developing baby.......I too had anxiety bad!!! I sought counseling regularly until I could take meds....The day my son was born I started on them with counseling. If I were you it is better to be cautious and wait to resume taking them once your baby is born if you need to. If you have to go back on it then of course you have to do what's best and if you're talking with your doctor..If we are told we can't drink alcohol in moderation being preggie or BF...I don't see how these meds are any better. Both are mind altering period.



answers from Topeka on

Did you go off this cold turkey???Zoloft is a safer medication than others but the side effects from just stopping it may last longer than if you were decreasing your dosages over a certain time frame.What is the reason you were advised to stop taking this mediaction? There are lawsuits now for babies being born with birth defects it contains 3 medications Zoloft for sure,Celexa & another one that was thought to be ok to be taken during pregnancy but now they are having lawsuits.Now my OB always told me that a pregnant mama has to be a happy mama not a depressed mamma,however I do struggle with depression but I refused to take any medicatiosn while pregnant i'm doing fine without it has been over 6 yrs since I was last on any medication for a significant amount of time to me the side effects were brutal than going throgh the transitons of depression.
I wish you a happy pregnancy & if you need help get on the lowest dose possible with Zoloft



answers from Cleveland on

I was never on Zoloft while pregnant, but I used to be on Zoloft and other anti-depressants at different times. When I started and when I stopped, I had dizziness. That was true with most of them that I took. When coming off, it was short lived, maybe a week and a half. When I was pregnant, I was not on any medication, but I did also have dizziness if I got up quickly, especially in the beginning while my blood was building up. I wasn't dizzy all the time though. Personally, I'd be careful and give it a little time. If it doesn't get better, talk to your doctor that prescribed it. Best wishes!! Congratulations!

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