You're Going to Be a Dad!!

Updated on November 17, 2011
L.C. asks from Carrollton, TX
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My friend and I need creative fun ways to tell your husband he is going to be a dad. I know some of you have awesome ideas! He will be Super excited!

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answers from San Francisco on

When I told my husband, I put the positive pregnancy test in a gift box and wrapped it wrapping paper. I told him I bought him a special present. I recorded him opening the gift box. He had no clue and was shocked when he opened it up. He thought it was a gift card because it was so light. haha

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answers from Sacramento on

Can she hold out until thanksgiving?? Then when they say what they're thankful for, she can say the new edition to their family!!

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answers from Kansas City on

I have a friend who made her husband a dinner with all kinds of foods that were "baby". Darn, I can't remember them all but it was baby peas, baby back ribs, baby carrots, baby spinach....I though it was really cute, but my husband would never have picked up on it :)

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answers from Phoenix on

With dd #1 I bought a #1 Dad christmas ornament and gave it to him. With the latest one I too a picture of the pregnancy test and sent it to him in the middle of a normal text conversation. I think I got a congratulations on your new baby card for the other 2.

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answers from Washington DC on

I wonder if she can find a novelty t-shirt store online and either get a t-shirt for him with the details or her with an arrow pointed to her tummy? The other thing I would suggest is maybe leaving a note for him on the bathroom mirror. When he gets out of the shower he will see it. Congrats!

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answers from Cincinnati on

With one of mine, I went to snapfish or shutterfly (don't remember which) and I had a personalized card made. It was around Father's Day, so I bought a "Big Brother" t-shirt for our youngest, took a picture of him wearing it, and put that on the cover. Then on the inside, I wrote something like, "Your present is on backorder until <due date>" took him a minute to get it, but he loved it once he figured it out! Maybe she could make some sort of Thangsgiving card and it could say something about being thankful that he will be a great dad? Good luck!

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answers from Washington DC on

- leave sale brochures for minivans lying around the house.
- little joey tshirt,334367355
- a new W-2 form with one more dependent listed.
-rent some baby movies - Nine Months, 3 Men and a Baby, Parenthood.

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answers from Atlanta on

Well you probably don't want to wait till Christmas but if you do, you could wrap up 3 or 4 baby gifts in reg holiday wrap and give them to him. You could bake cupcakes or cake and put tiny babies on it. You could hide the test stick some place he would find it, like his underwear drawer. Or you could wrap up the test stick as a gift and give it to him. You could meet him at the door when he comes home with a pillow under your shirt and a pair of booties in your hand. You could line his drawer with diapers. You could do something really goofy like wear a baby bib at the dinner table, that says daddy on it. Tell him you saw a stork out back and he told you a secret... Buy a rocking chair and sit in it and tell him you're going to need it... Well, these are all pretty goofy and you probably wanted something romantic, but maybe they'll get the ball rolling if nothing else... maybe, maybe not. I'm sure others can come up with something really good. I'll be interested to see.



answers from Dallas on

I bought my husband a 'dad' themed magnet picture frame and stuck it on the fridge. It took him a couple of days, but he finally got it. Let me tell you it killed me to wait, though. I finally had to point it out to him. - LOL



answers from Amarillo on

I decorated his vehicle with baby shoes, bib, bottle, baby toys, baby on board sign & a letter on the steering wheel. He was surprised & loved it!


answers from Dayton on

Not my idea...but I thought it was cute.
Put a hamburger bun in the oven. Tell him to come and look.
"There's a bun in our oven!" :)

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