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Updated on May 01, 2012
B.R. asks from York, PA
21 answers

I am expecting my second son in June. My boys will be three years apart. And lottery wins aside, this will probably be the last child for our family. I'm a little bummed that I won't be having a girl, maybe because three of my friends just had girls. It's weird, because I'm not a girly girl. It's not like I was looking forward to that hairbow, pink/purple princesses-only phase or anything. I was thinking maybe it's because I don't have any picture of how a family with just boys looks. I literally have to think back to elementary school! So if you have two (or more) boys, can you please share your happy stories with me? What have you enjoyed seeing them do together as they grow? What can I look forward to? Thanks!

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answers from Chicago on

I have two boys. They are 3 years apart, 7 and 10 now. We've gone through the typical boy phases - played with trains and cars for years, collected bugs and rocks, and we are the proud owners of a gazillion pieces of Lego. But boys also have the need to be cute and they still love hugs and kisses (not in public, though). They often pretended to be kittens or other baby animals, just so that I would cuddle them and tell them how cute they are. Both of them loved to play with stuffed animals, taking care of them and carrying them around like a girl would maybe do with her dolls. I did buy them some dolls, but they always preferred their animals.
The best thing about having the two boys is how well they play together. They are best friends and have been best friends since the day the younger was born.
Another thing that I truly enjoy is that I'm the only girl in the house. The boys (and their dad) often treat me like a princess, just because I'm the only girl. It is so incredibly sweet when they give me a little gift or something just because it is girly and therefore they thought I would like it.
Having two boys is tons of fun, I wouldn't want it any other way.
I wish you all the best!

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answers from Philadelphia on

I cried when I found out my 2nd was another boy (especially since the ultrasound tech in training first said it was a girl!). Now my 2 boys are 5 and 7 and I am so thankful to have 2 boys. They have such a special bond with each other that I know will be there for life. They love to play with many of the same toys, do the same sports, and watch the same shows (albeit I do not always love to watch monster truck shows!). There is no major drama like I have seen with boys could careless what they wear or how their hair looks-it is all about having fun and being boys. I couldn't agree more with others who wrote about how cuddly and loving boys are....mine LOVE their mommy time and bear hugs. The other perk is that dad can bond with them as they get older, too. My husband is a soccer coach and they love to play ball and wrestle with him too! You have a lot to look forward to!!!

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answers from Boca Raton on

Mine are 3 years apart, almost exactly.

My oldest just turned 18 yesterday, and youngest will be 15 in a few weeks.

Looking back, all I can see is all the laughter and fun they brought to us. Yes, there were some hard times too. But mostly they just have this teriffic male energy that manifests in different ways through the years, but always shines through. And guess what . . . little boys adore their moms, even when they don't want to admit it.

I cry when I think of my sons as little boys, and then the men they are today. It has been an amazing gift, and privilege, to see them evolve. It's made me respect men more too (I came from an all-girl family). Boys, and men, are way more sensitive than I realized. And if you treat them right they will literally lay down their lives for you (not that I ever would want them to).

You are extraordinarily blessed. Treasure every moment. The days go slowly sometimes but the years pass quickly.

<3 <3 <3

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answers from Atlanta on

I love having two boys! They are loud and like little bulls in a china shop, but even though I love girls and would have also been thrilled to have a girl -I actually like having boys more. I think I'm more suited to be a boy mother. I will tell you something -little boys are pure sweetness, and so many people either downplay that or try to change it or something -I guess because they don't see it as "manly" -although hopefully that's changing more and more. Boys are incredibly sensitive, affectionate and really honest -so handle them with care. They may be really rough and tumble, but they have very soft hearts.

My boys are almost 3 years apart -2.7 to be exact. Yes, they are constantly picking at each other, but they love each other and sometimes will do the sweetest things like just hug and kiss each other out of the blue or one will say, "I love you" to the other. They are incredibly sweet and wonderful to watch together! You'll enjoy it- but be prepared in the early years particularly for VERY NOISY MESSMAKERS! Some little girls are that way too, but I see many of my friends' girls and they have a sense of calm or quiet or desire to be neater and a little more put off by sheer nastiness than most boys I know.

Take them to creeks and on hikes and to the beach and just sit back and watch. It's a pleasure!

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answers from Albany on

Hi B., my two boys are 21 months apart. They are different in every measurable way.

Still, now the elder has been away at college the past two years and the younger is going off to college in September, they communicate daily, throughout the day. Via FB, the online game they play together as a team, text, even skype. It's just the coolest thing.

I grew up with 3 sisters, and only 1 brother, so I don't know much about 'brothers'. I assumed they might not be as close as my sisters and I, and I was wrong!

Enjoy them, congratulations!!


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answers from Champaign on

My boys are 2 1/2 years apart (3 and 6 in July), and I've almost forgotten ever thinking I'd have a girl :-) They are super active, climb on everything, get so dirty, get into dangerous situations, etc. It's exhausting. I look at my brother's two girls and think, how can they be so quiet and content? I know it's part personality, but my boys are all boy!

I love that they play so well together. I love that they have so many of the same interests. I love that they can were some of the same clothes.

I love the fact that living with 4 males, if you include our one and only pet that's also a male, means going out with the girls and claiming it's because I never get "girl time."

I am also not a girly, girl, so I think I'm happier with all boys. Once in awhile when I see a question about Girl Scouts, I think about my days as a Girl Scout (all through High School and then later as a leader) and what I'll do with my daughter's troop and then I think, oh right, I don't have a daughter. There are those moments, but overall, I love being the mom of two very active boys.

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answers from Boston on

My two sons are two years apart (2 and 4); they absolutely ADORE each other and are each other's best friend. When one wakes up in the morning, he will ask if his brother is awake yet. They play so great together, and my friends with daughters always comment that their son/daughter have different interests in play. My boys literally have a built-in playmate!
Blessing on a healthy delivery of your second son! :)

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Congrats on your upcoming arrival! I have two boys, 3 1/2 years apart. You will be the princess of the family! My boys fight over who gets to sit in my lap and who gets to snuggle with me first. Much less "whinny girl drama" but a lot more rough and tumble play. I think it is all in how you raise them but I am very close to them and am so happy I have boys! Good luck!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I have to say that I was also bummed not to have a girl and part of me probably always will be. HOWEVER-two boys are awesome in a way that I never expected. I honestly think that boys are probably more fun than girls. They are not as whiney and needy as girls seem to be and they are always up for anything. The do not create drama and are so happy to just go with the flow. I AM a girly girl and I can honestly say that I am a better mom to boys than I think I would have been to girls. THe way that I see my friend's girls act I would never be able to handle thats for sure. Just so sassy and some even bratty at such early ages. They are mean to eachother and to their mothers. Most boys I know are just not like this at all-its not how they are built. I will also add that there is something so special about the relationship between a mom and her boys. I just don't see this kind of closeness happening if I had girls. My boys are 2.5 years apart and are the best of friends. Of course they fight but they are so there for eachother. It is so sweet to watch.
I have to close with my theory that one of each is only best for the parent. If you are only going to have 2 kids then it is ideal for the children to be of the same sex. I know of no opposite sex sibling relationships as close as same-sex siblings- in any age group.

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answers from Chicago on

Hi B.,

I have one girl, and two boys. Before I had kids, I only wanted girls. I didn't know what I'd do with a boy. Now, after having a girl and dealing with all of the drama, and mood swings, and attitude....I am SO glad I had two boys after her. I was shocked when my first son was not a girl, but I fell in love with him at first sight. I loved having a boy so much that when I was pregnant with #3, I prayed for another BOY! There is a bond between a mother and son like no other. They are so sweet to their moms. My boys are almost 4 years apart, and are best friends already despite the bigger age difference. My older boy is very gentle with his little brother, and the little one thinks his big brother is the coolest guy in the world. It warms my heart when I see them playing tball together in the yard, and running their cars on the floor together, or setting up the big train tracks and playing trains. I will love watching their relationship grow over the years.

You can look forward to lots of match box cars, lots and lots of ball games, lots of dirt, lots of sticky hands on your walls, But most and best of all, lots of hugs, kisses, lots of hearing you're the best, prettiest, sweetest, most wonderful mommy in the whole world. My boys tell me this multiple times a day and I never get tired of it.

Enjoy your boys!

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answers from Denver on

I had 5 sons in a ten year span and they are awesome! I feel that God gave me these special males for a reason so I never questioned it, I was just grateful every one of them came out healthy!
Now I do have to say that God did have a surprise for me in my 35th year of life, a baby girl. She is just as wonderful as the boys and truth be told, I didn't know any different so I was happy with my boys. I think she brought a bit of "fluff" to all of us and helped round out the edges but she gets in there just like and with the boys!
I would say you are very blessed to just have the opportunity to have another baby. And another son, what a blessing!!!!

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answers from Dallas on

I have to amazing boys that are 6.5 years apart. If I could have a third child, I would hope for another boy. :) They are so much fun! My boys are extremely close despite the age difference. They honestly never fight. Sometimes it's weird being the only female in the house, but most of the time it's wonderful. They all love me so much. :) I don't have to share my girly stuff with anyone!

As for practical matters, clothes for boys are so much cheaper. I buy their clothes mostly at Target, and they don't want very many clothes. They don't argue with their friends. My neices are constantly getting their feelings hurt by friends and getting involved in one drama or another, and we have none of that in our house. My mom always said that boys are easier, and from what I can tell it's true (at least comparing my house of boys and my brother's house of girls - and he has good girls).

My boys are extremely loving and caring. Boys do love their mamas! Even my 14 year old isn't too big to give me a big hug every day, and he'll cuddle up on the couch with me to watch movies. My 8 year old is more sensitive. He is very in-tune with other people's feelings. My oldest is extremely intellectual, and doesn't care at all about sports. My youngest is a big reader, and enjoys watching sports with my husband, but doesn't play any sports except for golf.

Watching the boys together is a constant pleasure. My oldest loves to teach his brother everything, and my youngest idolizes his brother. My oldest is much like a parent. He enjoys watching his brother as he experiences the world for the first time on every new adventure. I keep waiting for them to hit a rough patch, but they haven't yet.

Congratulations on your pregnancy, and enjoy your family of boys!

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answers from Miami on

My boys are 4.5 years apart. My oldest told me from the time we told him that a baby was coming that it was a boy (we waited until the delivery room to find out) and he was right - it was a brother all along. My big boy was so super excited about having a brother that he asked if they could share a room.

Big boy has been an amazing big brother, helping with diaper changes, getting bottles, playing and singing to baby, and he is "in charge" of making sure baby's seat belt is buckled in the car.

Baby just turned 20 months old and now they play "soccer" together, Thomas the Train, "school" (they carry around lunch bags and backpacks and pretend they are going to school), big boy blows bubbles while baby boy chases after them, they are super cute together! Big Boy loves his baby brother and baby boy adores his big brother. In fact, baby boy can't say big boy's name yet, so we have Mama, Dada, Cat and Brudder in our house:)

While I mourn the little giril I probably won't have - and I am a girly, girl so I wanted to read Little House on the Prairie books, do girl scouts, buy dresses, buy purses and shoes, go to Mother's Day tea, etc...I am so grateful that my boys have each other. I am certain that they will be friends growing up despite the age difference.

Good luck! You might need the occasional cleaning service - two boys can mean a bunch of mud!


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answers from St. Louis on

I have two boys but then I have two girls as well. Looking at what each bring to the table I don't see having one and not the other would have changed my life much.

Don't fall into the stereotyping trap. My girls are my jocks, they are the filthy ones, they are the disaster to my car and house. My boys make messes too but not nearly on the level the girls do. All four of them are sweet but my boys are more internal, the girls more dramatic.

So far as frills go, not sure if I need to point this out but my girls weren't into bows and the like. I had to learn how to braid headbands into their hair just to keep something on all day.

I guess I am saying my girls are just like my boys but with long hair so perhaps you aren't missing much.

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answers from St. Louis on

my sons are 9 years apart, as the result of losing our daughter during her 2nd day of heart surgery. I have many, many nieces & nephews + have a daycare.

Boys are great! They're curious, they're lively...sometimes even in their sleep! But even my high-energy sons found time to sit & create. They loved projects, they loved crafts, they both know how to cook/bake....& they both loved their dolls. Both played Barbies with their cousins. Both played sports, own their own guns, & thrive outdoors. Both enjoy attending performances at The Muny (St Louis), both still love to travel with their gma!

Both of my sons visit the cemetery with me. Both are comfortable with weddings & funerals. My younger son offered to be altar boy.....long before his class was doing it! Both of my sons felt honored to be pallbearers at their grandparents' funerals. My gma is 91....& both sons take the time to talk with her, play cards, & just listen to her stories. & I have to be honest....they are more patient with her than I am! Oh, & both are avid readers!

I've been very fortunate to do a little bit of everything with my sons. Hey, I've even dyed/highlighted my older son's hair! Prom was a trip....he decided on Wed he would attend Prom. Living in a small town, the local bridal shop worked with us & had a tux ready for pickup on Fri - woohoo! 2 days to work with!

With sons, you get to see it all.....enjoy your blessings!

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answers from Raleigh on

My two boys are 23 months apart (our third one is a girl) and we will find out on friday who our 4th one will be:)
From what I know from our family and what I see in the family's of friends having same gender kids close in age is just great.
Sure our boys fight , but the fun times they have together .......makes us so happy that they have each other . Sure brother /sister will play togather in the beginning, but there will come the age when girls/boys start going different directions (I see it all the time with my friend's kids) Our boys are 5 and 7 and just bond with each other more and more every day.!!!!!!!!!
I totally understand what you are saying about having a girl, I thought I did not care but wow girls are so different (I too thought we would only have 2 , but hubby had a change of heart when our second turned you never know:))
Believe me, having 2 boys close in age will be wonderful AND VERY LOUD (get ready for lots of "so are you going to try for a girl?" questions in the future though)

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answers from Houston on

Mine are 4 and 6. It's very full of chaos, energy and band-aids. But I do love that my sons thinks I am a princess, and I love how they are so sweet to each other. They are each other's absolute best friends. The mirror their dad, and treat all girls with lots of admiration and respect. They are full of imagination. Being a mom of boys is a crazy, fun, exhausting, adventurous ride. Really though, they love all the boy things, but they also love Tinkerbelle and The Little Mermaid, and they have plenty of stuffed animals they love to cuddle with at night, and play ninjas/monsters with by day.

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answers from Philadelphia on

It's only natural for a woman to want a daughter like a man naturally wants a son, generally speaking. I had two sons before my triplets, 8 years apart. No matter if you have boys or girls or a mix going from one child to two is a change. Your entire world revolves around this one child. Suddenly you're trying to imagine what it'll be like to "share" your love, wondering if someone will get short changed. It happens to many. For us, I had our first son for 8 years so it was odd to go from "Jason" to "the boys", lol. But before you know it things are as natural as anything. Your boys will fight quite often, but will also be close as time goes on, especially if you foster that closeness. It was another 9 years before we had the triplets (2 boys, 1 girl) so we had several years of just 2 boys. We enjoyed it!

K. B
mom to 5 including triplets



answers from Pittsburgh on

I LOVE LOVE LOVE being the mom of two boys. It is so fun. Mine are 3.5 years apart, ages 2 and 5 right now. All those cute baby boy outfits that my first son grew out of so fast - I put them on my second one and took lots of pictures. So easy to take toys on trips, because they like the same boy stuff - balls and trains. And, best of all is how much they love each other and play together, even with the age difference. My older son sings the Elmo song, but changes the words "La la la la, La la la la, My world, I love mommy and daddy, but my brother best, that's My World!" Makes my heart just explode with joy every time.


answers from Washington DC on

i thought both of my boys would be girls! after 5 brothers, i so wanted a little girl to play with.
but the gods knew what they were doing.
oh, how i have loved being a mother of boys. every minute, every baseball game, every discussion of erections, every broken heart, every phone call that ends in 'love you, mizzle!'
they are such good friends (plenty of fighting when they were little, but nothing terrible.) nothing better than seeing them working on a car together, or teaching each other a new bass guitar riff. they're currently looking to buy their first house together!
you are going to love this.
:) khairete



answers from Provo on

Wrestling buddies, races for everything, recycling clothes, less time fixing hair in the morning than a house full of girls, tree climbing, creative stunts and stunt competitions, door jamb climbing, simple outfits, simple shoes, Cub Scouts. I adore my boys.

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