Your Craziest Trick-orTreaters

Updated on November 01, 2012
J.C. asks from Columbus, OH
19 answers

We had plenty of teenaged gory costumes. We had kids not dressed up at all ( I don't blame them, I would have rather worn my winter coat on a cold night like last night too!) But the two that take the cake for me were two older ladies, both in their 60's, both slightly reeling - I'm not going to make assumptions about what they were on, and they were trick-or-treating for themselves! I smiled at them and asked, "Oh dear, you have a couple of sick kids at home?" They reply, "Nah, we're trick-or-treating for ourselves".


They had on some kind of costume. One was dressed up I guess you could call it like a baby. One looked like she was just in her pajamas.

I gave them Dum-dums.

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answers from Eugene on

I admire the 2 older ladies trick-or-treating for themselves. Why should kids have all the fun?

Most shocking part of Halloween last night was that all the kids who came to my door thanked me for the candy! Even the teenagers in gory costumes. It did my mama's heart good and I wanted to hug them.

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answers from Denver on

If a 60 year old came to my house wanting candy I would have gladly gave them some of my best. Who says old ladies cannot have fun. Maybe when I get older Ill just head out in a saggy bra and depends and go trick or treating until I get arrested.

My favorite was a little boy probably about 2 dressed as pop-eye. I haven't seen pop-eye for a loooong time.

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answers from Jacksonville on

We didn't have ANY. :(
My son was disappointed, since he ran around after school decorating the front porch and lawn... orange halloween lights, lighted jack o laterns, ghost costume over a shepherd's hook with a pumpkin head.... a bat suspended from a light fixture.. skulls (old full head coverage masks) on stakes... A stuffed crow on a rocking chair. He really made an effort.
Not one trick or treater.

Normally, I would have been peeved by the 2 old drunks that you had, but I think if they would have come to my door last night, my son would have appreciated them.

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answers from Houston on

The group "KISS" came to my door last night! Whoever did the make-up must have been a professional! They looked great!

One kids was dressed as Steve Urkel. I of course said "Did I do that" in the whiney voice and he just looked at me!!!!

I had very polite kids last night. It was great.

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answers from Charlotte on

Bahaha! Dum-dums!!!

So funny!

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answers from Minneapolis on

We saw an older teen (17/18) not dressed up, but was trick or treating with her small dog who was dressed up.

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answers from Austin on

We took our 10 yr old out and left a bowl of candies out front for the tricker treaters.......well we still had candies left in the bowl but someone stole our pumpkin out front! HOW TACKY IS THAT!
It was a huge pumpkin. Kinda pissed me off. lol Who does that??

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answers from San Antonio on

We had 4 kids all in the same group, same size kids (best friends? quadruplets?) all dressed as "Thing1, Thing 2, Thing 3, Thing 4" - bright red jumpsuits and bright blue wig hair. Hilarious. They were probably 8 or 9 yrs old and full of energy.

Other than that, it was the same ol outfits. I must say watching my son (4, skinny little thing, dressed as a skeleton) trick or treat was so cute. He often said "trick or treat" before they even opened the door, he ran with such livliness to each house, and as he trotted back down the walkway to me, he turned around, smiled, and waved to the candy-giver saying "Thank you! Happy Halloween!" with his skeleton-gloved hand. This was his best Halloween yet - a new neighborhood with a nice number of trick-or-treat-goers - not too many, not too little.

Granny's - hilarious. Dum Dums - HA!

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answers from Washington DC on

The ones who blew up my doorbell even though the light was off. I had major surgery last week and my hubby took the kids. We gave a bowl of candy to our neighbors who were out anyways, but people still came even though the lights were off. I'm guessing it was "older" kids who didn't have parents with them.

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answers from San Francisco on

Bret Michaels, Slash, The Rock and Zorro came in awesome costumes :) were at our harvest party. The after the kids had gone to sleep, the lights were off and we had some older kids come and rip our sign off our door and take some of my kids toys that were on the porch. I hate Halloween.

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answers from Jacksonville on

I live just a couple hours from Sanford Florida, I had a, African American teenage boy that was dressed in a hoodie tell me he was dressed as Trayvon Martin.

Didn't really know what to say to that....

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answers from Redding on

I didn't get to see a single one. The weather here was far too stormy, blustery, and rainy. I don't remember ever having weather this bad on Halloween.

I love Halloween and my favorites are always the little tiny kids. I can't wait for my daughter to send me pictures of my grandson who is a year and a half.

It was kind of a bummer this year. My son is 17 and too old to trick-or-treat, but he didn't even want to venture out to gatherings at his friends' houses. He wanted to stay home and warm with mom.
We had a nice dinner, I baked him some cookies........
and I snuck a fake spider in his bed.

It was kind of mean because he's terrified of spiders, but I had to have SOME fun for the night.


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answers from Chicago on

Whoever the hoodlum was who stole our LED candle from one of our pumpkins. Really?

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answers from Grand Forks on

Where I am we have never not had to wear winter jackets for trick-or-treating! We just have to buy our costumes to fit over the jackets, buy the warm plush costumes or incorporate the jackets into the costumes. I was out with the kids, and didn't see any crazy trick-or-treaters, but the carziest treat my kids got was two peanuts in the shell with a religious pamphlet. Bah, humbug!

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answers from Dayton on

The strangest we had was this...the little girl was adorable, probably 3 years old, dressed as a princess. She smiled so big & was as cute as can be. Both parents were also dressed up..I honestly can't remember what they had on. Here's the weird part, both parents were carrying a pillow case & they actually held it open and said trick or treat! I was so shocked I couldn't even speak. I put 3 candy bars in the little girls bag..and 1 in each of the parents' pillow cases...Odd!

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answers from Charleston on

Saw too many houses whose candy bowl on the front porch had been raided, then thrown into the yard and it was only 6:30pm. Too many obnoxious teenagers that were unsupervised wandering around with pillowcases full. Hmmm. Do they not realize that they're ruining it for the little ones, or do they just not care. What a sad state we'll be in if these kids rule our country one day...

Saw a really cute sock monkey and a alligator. Love your old ladies! How awesome. :) But I was not impressed this year with the older kids.

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answers from St. Louis on

I had a couple of old ladies trick-or- treating H.......and some neighbors who decorated their houses in a Halloween theme, ....but they didn't participate at all...I mean, they didn't give treats to the children.....Why would they take time in decorating...?plop!

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answers from Dayton on

I would have rather had two Grannies trick-or-treating for fun than to have kids old enough to drive trick-or-treating. I think when I am old I would love to dress up and go out, then donate the candy to kids in the hospital or something. Here is was very cold and rainy on Beggar's night. I saw one family (mom, dad, three kids) all dressed like Wizard of Oz characters. Other than that it was all a bunch of superheroes and princesses all mad about having to wear a coat.

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answers from Miami on

Was decent night of trick treaters last night. The cutest for me was a little toddler who i gave one candy too but I had another bag with me when i opened the door and had the where to to point and babble in baby toddler talk at the other candy she liked better. LOL opened the bag and gave her one. Something so cute needed to be rewarded.

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