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Updated on September 03, 2009
M.B. asks from Frisco, TX
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Hello mamas,

I'm wondering if any of you ladies have purchased the "Your Baby Can Read" kit off of the infomercial. I feel like it would work but I would love to hear from someone that personally used it. I also wonder what the cost is...I'm assuming it's fairly pricey because it isn't mentioned anywhere....other than the few dollars it costs for the 30 day trial. Thanks in advance!

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dear M.,

personally, i think that this sort of thing is a waste of money and resources. my DS spoke and read earlier than most but i believe (and his ped agrees) that is because he lives in a very verbally and book/magazine oriented home.

i think the best way to teach such things is more naturally, by reading to your kids and around your kids and simply immersing them in a very natural manner. to me, kids today are already bombarded at every turn with electronic stimulation and learning to read by increasing such input seems counterintuitive.

i can't speak to the specific series and i DON'T mean to lecture. these are simply my 2 cents. i hope they find you well.

best of everything to you and yours,




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We just seen the ad on tv a few weeks ago. and we want to get it as well. i think its a good investment but yes its a little pricy.
im not sure i wanna pay the 219 $ but i think the trial period was like 15$. and that would be a good guide as to buy the full package.

one of my co workers said to buy the trial period and make copies of the books/cards etc... but you prolly couldnt do the dvd's :-(

hubbys been off work for the past month so i have some bills to catch up on first. then we hopefully can get the trial period package.



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Hello M..

My husband and I purchased this program for our son who is now 16 months. He started the program in March this year 09. He can already read the words from the first 2 videos( when i show him the flash cards). It is a great program. If you follow the schedule that comes with it you should get results. It does take alot of time and alot of repetition. It may get a little boring to you, but i believe your son will enjoy it. The system cost 199.99 you can visit the site at this will tell you what comes with it and how much. My son really likes it. I also combine this with the babysigning time dvd's He really loves those and has learned soooo much already. I hope this helped. Best wishes, D..



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I bought it - and I am sorry. I would suggest the PreSchool prep DVD's instead - much more affordable - and my children actually watch them - and are learning. My daughter just turned 2 this Sunday and she can count to 10 and knows her ABC's from these videos - and also nows all of the sight words. They are much better.

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