Your Advice!! We Need a Good Dentist in Lakeville Area!!!

Updated on August 12, 2010
L.A. asks from Farmington, MN
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Help! We are looking for a good dentist in the Lakeville area - will go to Farmington, Burnsville or Northfield as well.
Our kids are older - one in high school, another graduated last yr (high school), and we're looking for someone who
doesn't try to push a bunch of cosmetic upgrades and cost-drivers.
We want a good, gentle dentist who has stayed up with technology enough so they have digital x-rays.
Can anybody make a recommendation?

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So What Happened?

THANk YOU all so much for your responses! I'm going to call each of their offices
and meet w/ them. The Apple Valley guy isn't too far, so we'll consider him as well.
Thanks again!

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He isn't in the areas you listed, but our dentist in Apple Valley meets all of your other requirements. Dr. Tim Nielsen, ###-###-####. We were just there this morning. It is a very small office, just Dr. Nielsen and his assistant, but I had digital x-rays this morning. It won't work if you are in a hurry though because he is going to be out of the office for two weeks starting next week. He is very kind and gentle.



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Dr Dungy at Immanuel Dental in Farmington. He and his staff are awesome and work well with patients of all ages. I highly recomend them. Office phone # ###-###-####. Good Luck with your search.



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Dr James lesch
20785 Holyoke Ave

He has been my dentist for years. I like his policy- If its not broken, don't need to fix it.

He used to be in a bigger office with other dentists. One time one of the other dentists said I needed to get my filling redone right now. I scheduled it with Dr Lesch. When I got to my appointment, he said it didn't need to get done today so I waited months down the road before it actually had to be done.

He has a small staff and they are excellant



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We love our dentist in Burnsville - Dr. Mike Nanne, Northstar Dental. He also is the dentist to the MN Wild! ###-###-####

No matter who you go to, you should ensure that they never put mercury almalgam filings in your children's mouth. Nasty stuff mercury is and to have it in your mouth - very scary!

Good luck

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