Younger Daughter Taller/bigger than Older Daughter?

Updated on February 23, 2011
C.M. asks from Guilderland, NY
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When a younger sister overtakes her older sister in height, size, pysical maturity, does it sometimes reverse their older sister/younger sister roles? My friend has two daughters and the younger is much taller and bigger than the older. It's been that way most of their lives, and as a result, the younger one is more mature than the older one. They weren't raised that way; it's just how it turned out.

Kaitlyn is 21 years old. She's 5'10" and kind of big-sized, not fat, just amazonian (maybe 180-200 lbs): tall, curvy, strong, well-endowed, you get it. And she has a mature look. Her sister Emily is 3 years OLDER than her. But Emily is 5'0" and 95 lbs. She's tiny and looks like a pixie. No breasts to speak of, if you'll excuse me for saying so. She barely comes up to her little sister's shoulders and is probably half her weight. Kaitlyn can pass for the older sister any day.

When the height difference is that dramatic, it stands to reason that the younger sister passes the older sister at a fairly young age. Does this sort of thing change the older sister/younger sister dynamic? Because Kaitlyn is more mature than Emily. It's like Kaitlyn has always been the older sister in theory, because she's so much bigger and physically more mature. So she acts the part of the big sister. She's protective of her older sister, can pick her up effortlessly (which she does often), sets her on her lap, and Emily just rolls with it and Emily just rolls with it, and acts the part of the little sister. She even sits on Kaitlyn's shoulders when they go apple picking.

Anyone else have stories like this?

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answers from Washington DC on

Many younger kids are bigger than older kids. My sister is taller than me and has been since she was in her early teens. I think it depends on the kids. I would only worry if the smaller sister felt picked on.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I do not think this is the place to look for "stories like these"...

Sorry Buddy!

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answers from Honolulu on

My sis and I did this. It throws the eldest child theories of the window. I have all the classic 2nd child things while she is classic 1st but I am 1st born and she is 2nd. I am nearly 30 and still act that way.



answers from Kansas City on

My younger sister (3 years younger) passed me in size in elementary school (about when she was in 2nd and I was in 5th). Today, I am 33, 5'2", and 100lbs. She is 30, 5'7", and 130lbs. I have ALWAYS been the more mature/responsible one. I was like her mini-mom:) I never really had size issues, because I've always been very comfortable in my own skin.


answers from New York on

I don't believe this is necessarily true. I know two sisters and the younger sister is much more mature that the older sister but the older sister is taller and stronger than the younger sister.

I know not too many people are into psychology but it all depends on the personality of the individual. That is the bottom line. It depends on how they develop and view the world and there roles in it. I know a 12 year old boy with an 7 year old sister. His sister is smaller and weaker (not lighter because she is pretty plump lol) and more mature but her maturity is almost annoying. She wants to interject all of the time when adults are speaking which I find highly inappropriate. Her brother is less mature but more respectful to adults. Even though its a boy and a girl, and I know they sometimes develop different, its still the same concept.
Bottom line is it depends on the individual. The younger sister's personality is more dominant. That is why she has taken that role.



answers from Orlando on

I think it depends on the family. I am the oldest of 3 girls and the middle height wise, deffinately the biggest weight wise. One sister is a bikini model (though only 5'2 and maybe 100lbs though lots of muscle) she's 23 and the other (22) should be on Americas Next Top Model (5'11 maybe maybe 115, get this hates fruit and LOVES junkfood). I am pregnant with my second child, but genetically I just didn't get the skinny that they both have.

I have always acted like the oldest. We basically follow sibling order studies to a "T"



answers from New York on

It could also just be more to do with their respective personalities. I know a family where the older child is more passive and quiet, and the younger one is very aggressive and loud. The older child is still treated by the family as being older with more responsibilities and such, but when the two children interact the younger one dominates the play. In my own experience, my younger brother has always been bigger than me. We're 13 months apart, and when we were 3 & 2 people thought we were twins. After that they thought he was the older one. But in OUR interactions I was still the bossy older sister.


answers from Norfolk on

My sister and I are the same way-- I'm 23, 5'4 and about 160 pounds and she is 26, 4'11 and probably about 100 pounds. Everyone always thinks I'm the older one (and always have thought this) and always think that her kids are mine when we're all out together. She is very eclectic--dreadlocks, guaged ears, covered in tattoos, etc. I look like a soccer mom compared to her! She lives next door and we are absolute BEST friends and are with eachother 24/7. She often comes to me for "big" sister advice about money, marriage, all that jazz. I never really thought our size difference had much to do with it though, but now maybe i'll pay attention more :) Fun question!



answers from New York on

Once you're adults, you aren't big sisters and little sisters anymore. These aren't even your kids, so why does it matter? I am one of four girls. I am the youngest (my oldest sisters are 9 and 11 years older than me). I am the tallest. This doesn't change my place in the family. My oldest sister is the shortest, and no, my next sister never became the "big" sister. We are in our 40's (me) and 50's (them), we are just sisters now, not big and little sisters. You are speaking of adults, and I don't really understand the question, why are you asking about this? What difference does it make? When you're adults, you are just sisters, not big and little sisters anymore.

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