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Updated on December 07, 2008
H.D. asks from Keller, TX
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I need gift ideas. I still need to buy for my mom, dad, grandma and grandpa.

My grandparents ask for nothing and want nothing but yet every year I get them something. I want to spend about $25 on each of them but have no idea. In the past I have done jewelry and custom photo things for my grandma. For my grandpa, I have gotten him stuff like The Farmer's Almanac and digital rain gauge. They are not hip grandparents. They are very sheltered.

I know of a hundred things I would like to do for my parents but my budget doesn't allow it. I would like to spend about $100 on each of them. It can be separate or a joint gift. I just need ideas. I have done B&B gift cards for them in the past, airline miles gift cards and a night out at the Gaylord. Last year I got my dad a saw and he loves it.


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answers from Dallas on

I struggle with this every year! SO I can definitely relate. My husband's grandparents love getting Sam's Club memberships (unfortunately, my BIL always gives that, so it's taken in our family).

The bed desk went over well with the Grannies in our lives. It's basically a tray that goes over their lap. The top can adjust to tilt and there are pockets on the side to store things. They use it when writing letters and doing bills. My Granny keeps stationary and postage stamps in the pockets. She says she loves being able to sit in the living room and write comfortably while watching her soaps. I bought one today at Bed Bath Beyond. With my 20% off coupon it cost me $25.

For the Grandpa last year we got him a Bird Song book. It tells you about a bunch of different birds, you punch in a number and press a button and then you can hear the bird call. We weren't sure how it would go over (He isn't really a bird enthusiast). He seems to really enjoy that book, especially when the grand babies come over because they like to look at it with him.

We have done gas cards too. I know gas is cheap right now, but all the grandparents seem to obsess over the cost of gas.

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answers from Dallas on

Don't sell grandpa short, I did a photo mug for my dad several years ago and that became his coffee cup of choice.

Calendars, sweatshirts, many things can be personalized with the kids stuff. There are also those picture frames that you can put 10 photos in. Just walk around the mall or a store and think outside the box. Also check online to places like Lillian Vernon, Oriental Trading, many mail order companies have tons of personalizable products.

Paint handprints or plaster hands are great items this time of year. I have a friend that owns a ceramics shop and I have always wanted her to pour me a platter and we could do handpints and then she could fire them up. A 9, 13 and 16 I believe I have successfully missed the boat on that one but at 2, good time for yours.

More than anything think about what they like. If either of your parents are readers, they would probably love a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble. I almost have to go in there before with intent tobuy only one thing or I will walk ot with $100 worth of stuff. Olive Garden or Outback, good food and it is nice to eat and not worry about the bill.

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answers from Dallas on

Hi H.,

For the people that have everything, what about personalized gifts? A Grandma shirt with the grandkids all listed on them that says something like Grandmas Angels, or Grandpas lil helpers... Towel sets with an embroidered cross or names on them.. Making something personal makes it really special.

J. T.



answers from Dallas on

If your grandparents read, maybe a year subscription to Readers Digest. They have a big print edition available. Or, if you have plenty of photos of kids, grandkids, great grandkids, you can make them a family photo book off of snapfish or any other sight like that. If you buy a soft cover book you can get it for under $25. These are cool because you can write captions and stories for pics and it looks like a real book.


answers from Dallas on

Hi H.,
If they like to go to the movies- a Gift Card to the nearest movie theatre may be nice.
R. B.



answers from Dallas on

This isn't really in the price range you are looking for but for your Grandparents what about photo Grandma absolutely LOVES these. I know it may not sound like much but they enjoy simplicity and practical-you know what I mean? Something else your Grandpa may like, if he doesn't already have one, is the digital weather thermometer/reader-you have a part that goes on the outside of the house and the reader is on the grandparents like it because they know how to dress for the day and wheter or not they should turn up/down their thermostat! :)

Also, one of my Mom's favorite gifts(and my Dad likes it too-maybe more than Mom) is here digital photo frame we got her last year and we loaded it with photos-they show it to everyone!!! I hope that some of this helps and if not, hopefully you will get some other good ideas! Merry Christmas!



answers from Dallas on

We got my 92 yr old MIL an electric blanket 2 years ago and she loves it. That might be a good joint gift. As for your parents I have no idea as I am in the same boat. GPS systems are around $90 now. Just keep it simple. Maybe a gift certificate to a special dinner at your house.. prepare their favorite meal. Or you can have their old family photos made into a dvd and put their favorite music in the background. I hope this helps.

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