Yogurt V. Baby Yogurt

Updated on July 29, 2011
L.A. asks from Kew Gardens, NY
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Ladies -

What is the difference between regular whole milk yogurt, and baby yogurt? My MIL is intent on his having yogurt, as she feels the probiotics/ live cultures would help his digestive system mature and handle new foods better. He's 9.5 months, and our first.

Just thought to get some insight.


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answers from Boston on

I think baby yogurt is the same as whole milk yogurt; in other words it is full fat yogurt. It's actually difficult to find full fat yogurt these days, so if you can find it, whether it says "baby" on the package or not, I say buy it! Babies benefit from fat (good for neuro development) so keep on looking for the whole milk variety. Besides, putting a picture of a baby on the package is probably just a gimmick.

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answers from Rochester on

Baby yogurts are a way to rip you off...really, I think you are better of going with regular yogurt. I do like Stoneyfields organic, like someone else mentioned, and they also make a soy yogurt that's pretty good.

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answers from Tampa on

I think giving yogurt with active cultures is a great idea... Stoneyfield Farms makes both a baby organic brand (YoBaby) and a regular organic brand (Stoney Field Farms) - - they are BOTH fabulous for their probiotic content for both Mommy and Baby. You can feed either to baby and the baby brand tastes good to Mommies too (especially since they come in different flavors).

P.S. Is your F. B. reference to Bunnicula?

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answers from Albuquerque on

I give my twins greek yogurt and they love it. I gave them the baby yogurt until they were 10months and now I just buy the big container for the whole family. So much chepaer!

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answers from Phoenix on

When companies label their products with the word "baby" it's a clever marketing scheme. Parents think that they're getting something different, or better or more specific. In my experience, and in most cases, it hasn't been so.

Take for example baby laundry detergent - isn't a free & clear detergent pretty much the same thing? Same goes for baby yogurt.

Personally, I wouldn't waste my money on it.

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answers from York on

I don't think there is a difference. Give your son whichever of the 2 he seems to prefer. I have been giving my son yogurt (YoBaby) since he was about 7 months old. He just turned 3 and still loves it. I have trouble getting him to drink milk now that he is older and I rely on the yogurt to give him some needed vitamins, calcium, etc.

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answers from New York on

From what our doctor said- very little difference between the two! The ONLY thing he said was not to give our son any "light" or "Diet" yogurts b/c of the chemicals!

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answers from Fargo on

The difference is sugar. Baby yogurts have refine sugar in them. YoBaby has organic sugar, but it's still sugar and that defeats the purpose of probiotics.

We love Cascade Fresh. It's sweetened with fruit juice (still a sugar in the long run, but contains less sugar than YoBaby). You can also buy kefir, which is extremely probiotic rich. We buy the plain kefir and mix it with stevia and cinnamon.

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answers from Chicago on

I give my son yogurt everyday, and I have been doing it ever since he was about 10 months old. I got the baby yogurt and he liked it, but when I looked at what was in it, I decided I can make it myself. Why pay the premium for "baby" yogurt?! I mix regular full fat plain yogurt with about 1/2 a jar of pureed fruit, and some baby oatmeal to thicken to the desired consistency. I'll usually put a squirt of his liquid vitamins in there too. My son loves it this way, and the added bonus is that he can feed himself very easily with the thickened yogurt because he can pick it up with the spoon easier, and it's not as messy.

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answers from Missoula on

Regular whole milk yogurt is fine, you don't have to buy baby yogurt.



answers from New York on

My kids always had regular old yogurt. No baby yogurt then. I think the
difference is the price, baby yogurt more expensive.



answers from New York on

If you are giving a child under 2 years yogurt it needs to be whole milk yogurt. Many times the "baby" yogurts are labeled that because they are made with whole milk. If you are concerned about added sugars buy the plain whole milk yogurt. Most adults want lowfat yogurt but kids under 2 need the fat from whole milk for brain development.


answers from Provo on

I don't know about the differences, but yogurt and giving my son a daily dose of a powder probiotic is what cured my sons chronic constipation. I'm talking about 6 months worth of constipation.



answers from Dallas on

I buy a big thing of organic vanilla yogurt and add fruit to it for my children, ages 3 and 18 months. Sometimes I sprinkle cinnamon and sugar, sometimes add granola or graham crackers. They LOVE it. I call it "yogurt treat" and give it to them after dinner as dessert.

My kids have been regular yougurt eaters since they were babies (and also breastfed) and they are NEVER sick. Even though they are in daycare, neither has ever had a stomach bug.



answers from New York on

I just use whole milk PLAIN yogurt and my son loves it. He hasn't gotten used to having the sugary yogurts and actually prefers the tangy plain over regular yogurt. I've had to give him regular yogurt when I've run out of his and he just doesn't like it. no need to get them used to sugary things so early. just wait until later on in life! LOL
The baby yogurts are just more expensive. yogurt is yogurt. Just make sure you are using the whole milk yogurt.


answers from Jacksonville on

Yeah, I don't base the yogurt thing on whether it says baby or not. I look strictly at the sugar content and go with the least one. My ped. recommended yogurt for my daughter at about the same age our your baby, because she had some digestive issues. I did notice a little difference but not enough to do cartwheels over, but every little bit helps right?



answers from New York on

Sugar content. If you have a little one, begin them on plain or Greek-style add a little brown sugar yourself or fresh fruit. They when they get older, add honey. YUM



answers from Pittsburgh on

Baby yogurt is generally LOADED with added sugars and packaged in little environmentally unfriendly packages. We went with plain (not flavored) whole milk yogurt and mixed in pureed fresh fruit. If you like organic - Stonyfield Farm sells their plain whole milk yogurt in 32 oz tubs which are very economical.



answers from Springfield on

I don't know either. I honestly just assumed it was marketing. I do know that there is truth to what your MIL is saying. Yogurt is very healthy for little ones, and the probiotics are very beneficial (can't remember all of the reasons, but your ped would probably be happy to talk to you about it.)

Krista said something about "light" yogurts. I don't know anything about chemicals, but I do know that if you read the label you'll find that there is very little difference between regular and light as far as fat and calories are concerned.

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