Yogurt in Garden?

Updated on June 07, 2011
R.P. asks from West Jordan, UT
12 answers

My husband got some yogurt-lots of it and wants to put it in our garden. I'm not so sure it a good idea. Is it okay or even good to put yogurt (plain) unto a garden? Will it do any good? Or will it just smell? We do have clay for soil, very hard. I think he planning on dumping it in and turning it over but not actually in a compost.

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answers from Dallas on

You need to compost yogurt, not just throw it on the garden. If it's composted, it is fine to use.

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answers from Appleton on

It won't hurt. If your soil is hard and has a lot of clay adding any type of spoiled food and working it in will help to draw worms. The worms will enrich yor soil.

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answers from Honolulu on

Try Google Searching "how to use yogurt in the garden" or something.
Or, "is yogurt good for the garden."

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answers from Seattle on

Okay.... I've heard of coffeegrounds. I've heard of beer (for slugs). But yogurt is a new one. Google has also failed me.

((The slugs <3 beer thing is as follows. Dig beer can sized holes in the ground, place mostly empty beer can in hole. Slugs will come for the party, get quite drunk, and be unable to climb out the hole they came in. Bottles don't work for some unknown reason. As long as you dump out the cans on a regular basis the slugs live just fine. Just not in your garden.))

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answers from Kalamazoo on

Is it already past date? If not you could freeze it and eat it!
Never heard of putting it in your soil. Call a local master gardener from a green house.

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answers from Kansas City on

I've never heard of such a thing. Seems like it would attract mice, moles, and other questionable creatures.

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answers from Denver on

Dairy does not make good compost. If you want good compost, use veggie waste, grass, chopped leaves, even some paper and soil mixed in - give it occasional mixing/turning so the organisms turning it to compost get some air, and that should do it. Don't put yogurt in your soil! it won't do anything besides causing a stinky mess.



answers from Great Falls on

Mix a bunch of sand, grass clippings, and well-aged manure into your garden. I don't know for a fact, but my mom always said not to put dairy type items in the compost...just produce, coffee grounds, and egg shells


answers from Fort Collins on

I am new to composting, but as far as I know no dairy is good for compost. I think it would get stinky and gross and attract animals. I would not do it. Contact your local Extension office if you want to double-check.



answers from Denver on

I don't know the answer to your question but I'd worry about the yogurt attracting ants and other pests.
(and BTW, this sounds exactly like something MY husband would do. Has your hubby been reading treehugger.com, by any chance?)



answers from Denver on

So when the bugs attack and they will, let him clean them up.

Compost and potting soil

3 parts potting soil to 1 part compost helps soften the clay-like soil. If you can get a small amount of old horse manure, sheep or cow peat that should be mixed in too--- 1/2 part. Top soil on top of the planting soil.

Homemade Compost is good.

Yogurt not so good!


answers from Provo on

huh, maybe I will try it since I to have clay. Yay for Utah soil.

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