Yogurt from Breast Milk

Updated on February 18, 2008
L.D. asks from Torrington, CT
5 answers

Has anyone tried to make yogurt from breast milk? I know you can make homemade yogurt using a yogurt starter product, and am curious about making some using breast milk. Any experiences with this idea?

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answers from Boston on


i do not make yogurt from breast milk, but from cows milk, and i believe it will not be any different and seems like a great idea if you feel like expressing milk.

a few thoughts:

1. you do not need a yogurt maker. you can warm your jars (pint mason jars or smaller work great, no larger than a pint) either by filling a cooler with your hottest tap water and replenishing the water when it cools, or by placing the jars in the oven (with the lid off), preheating the oven for a couple minutes, turn it off, and several hours later repeat the process. both these manners take between 12 and 24 hours.

2. i would recommend against using a freeze-dried yogurt starter. the cost of these is more expensive than just mixing in a dollop of yogurt with live, active cultures (such as stonyfield organic, or dannon). you can then use the yogurt you made as the starter and repeat the process for several weeks until too many other bacterias get in and you buy a yogurt from the store again.

3. the yogurt will most likely be a little runnier than that from the store. smaller containers help for more solid yogurt, but most store yogurt has pectin added to it. probably though you aren't so worried about consistency and are more interested in the cultures!

4. using homemade yogurt is great also in breads (a good way to get protein into bread, crackers, etc). i believe that both the mennonite "more with less" cookbook has information breastmilk compared to other lactic sources, as well as the "king arthur flour co. cookbook".

i have been making yogurt and cheese now for quite some time and if i can be of any other help feel free to contact me.

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answers from Boston on

Hi L., I'm not sure you can make yogurt from breast milk but you could certainly give it a try. You can buy yogurt culture at Whole Foods called Yogourmet. The package has 6 foil packets, each makes 1 quart of yogurt. Although directions are included, basically it's necessary to bring 1 quart of milk to 180 degrees, let it cool 108 to 112 degrees, then stir in one packet of starter. Incubate 4 to 5 hours or until yogurt reaches the desired firmness. You will need to keep the mixture warm during this time, using a yogurt machine or an insulated container. Another method is to use 2 or 3 tablespoons of plain yogurt (whatever kind you prefer) as the starter.
I make yogurt about once a week using 2 quarts of whole milk, but it can be made with 1%, 2% and even skimmed milk. One of the best appliances for incubating yogurt isn't really an appliance at all but an insulated container (no electricity at all)called The Yogatherm, available from the New England Cheese Maker. Just google the name, she has a website. Good luck and let us know how you make out please.
P.S. the website is: www.cheesemaking.com and they have everything you'll need for not only making yogurt, but also for making any other kind of cheese you can think of.

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answers from Hartford on

Hi L.-
Although this idea never occured to me... I was curious, so I just googled "breast milk yogurt"... Some pretty interesting articles came up! The internet is truly amazing. :) Have fun!



answers from Boston on

I haven't heard but I would love to know more on the topic!!



answers from Providence on

I have heard of people doing this, but it's very difficult. Just try to google it and I'm sure you'll find some recipes.

If you're just looking for solid breastmilk snacks, a breastmilk slushie is pretty easy to make (just scrape up frozen breastmeilk into a slushie, voila! :) ).

Good luck!

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