Yogurt Causing Diaper Rash?

Updated on December 11, 2008
M.K. asks from Lakeville, MN
6 answers

My daughter is 10 months old and I gave her yogurt (YoBaby) for the first time and the following day she had a diaper rash. Is 10 months too young for yogurt? I know I gave it to my first daughter by this age and she didn't have any reaction. Have anyone's baby reacted this way to yogurt and then had a milk allergy? She's still on formula, but I really hope to switch her to whole milk at one year.

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answers from Duluth on

Did the yogurt have any fruit in it? Strawberries? With both my girls I bought the Organic whole milk yogurt in a big container- plain- and just added my own flavorings. Applesauce, pears, and I know this sounds gross but they loved it and it's so healthy- tahini. A good way to get a lot of good fats in them. And cheaper.



answers from Minneapolis on

Both of my boys got rashes the first few times they had yogurt. We kept trying every few weeks and eventually everything was fine. Now my 22 month old wakes up asking for yogurt and bananas. We eat organic unsweetened yogurt (Trader Joe's is great. We used the whole milk variety for the youngest until recently - those fats are so good and necessary for their brain development) and add fruit (strawberries or applesauce, etc.). It saves a ton of $ over buying the "kid" brands and we can control the sugar the kids get while they get to pick out what does (or doesn't) get added!

Good luck! If you need any fabulous diaper rash solutions - we love Earth Mama Angel Baby's bottom balm (http://www.earthmamaangelbaby.com/angel_baby_bottom_balm....) or MT diaper Co's magic stick (http://www.mtdiaperstore.com/product_info.php?cPath=25&am... - you can get the earth mama stuff on this page too). Both are all-natural, non-petroleum based and smell herby and nice!



answers from Davenport on

The only way to know for sure is to take the yogurt back out of the diet and then retry it at a later date. Most doctors in our area have went to the idea that high allergy foods should not be tried until they are at least a year, but chances are that the formula you are using is milk based, so milk may not be the culprit. Check your formula and see if it is milk based, and if it is, then milk probably is not the problem. Of course if you are concerned then check with the doctor to make sure, since the doctor knows your child.



answers from Green Bay on

My 10.5 month old eats yogurt just about every day/every other day. He's had no adverse reactions to it - though I don't give him YoBaby - he gets what everyone else would eat.



answers from Minneapolis on

Are you sure it was the yogurt? Was the yogurt mixed with fruit that may have caused the rash? I found that with my first child, what I thought was a rash from a food wasn't necessarily the case. I would suggest waiting until the rash clears and trying again (unless it was a particularly nasty rash), to see if its really the yogurt. Also, YoBaby has lots of sugar, which may be irritating. Try plain whole milk yogurt and mix in a fruit she's had before.



answers from Milwaukee on

The same thing happened to our son and we introduced Yobaby at 10 months as well. He had diaper rash for a few days, (used Butt Paste to clear it up-like a charm!), and then it improved. He is nearly one and we only give him yogurt once or twice a week. I think the cultures are a change to the system that can cause the rash, but it gets better once their system is used to it.

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