Yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We Need Pest Control

Updated on June 07, 2007
F.W. asks from Desoto, TX
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We just moved into our new home in frisco(Panther Creek) and we have a really bad insect and rodent problem due to all the building that is going on around us. Ladies do you have any suggestions on who to use for pest control. We have really young children so I would like to get someone out asap. Thanks

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Hi Amy,
We use Metro gaurd...the customer service has been great and the rates I've checked out has been better than other companies I received quotes from. You can check out thier website www.GotBugs.com. I am not sure where they service but its worth calling or checking out the website. Good Luck.D.

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New editions will have rodents- they come in any openings- usually small field mice. Home Depot has living traps or others- just put them in any outside/home opening- oven hood- dryer connections- garage. Don't leave any food out or opened in pantry- even dog food- & they will leave.



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I am most definately going to try one of these guys! We currently rent our home (which has had pest problems since we moved in) and the guy my landlord sends over about runs us out of our home with the smell and I have YET to see anything dead!!!

I am just going to start paying for one myself...I am glad you posted this!!!!

hugs & blessings



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We live in Grayhawk, in an older phase but had the same problem when we first moved in. Winfrey Pest Control is wonderful and we've established a quarterly service with them but they'll come out at ANY time if you still have problems after they've been out to do their quarterly service and they're very reasonably priced. We work with Brad and he can be reached at ###-###-####; tell him S. on Daimler referred him! :) Good luck and welcome to the neighborhood!!

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