Yhow Long Did It Take You to Loose the Baby Weight?

Updated on April 13, 2012
S.S. asks from Osgood, IN
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I am just curious how long it took you moms to loose the baby weight. I lost it pretty fast with my first (I gained 125 pds and lost most of it in a year) I gained alot less with my second (47 pds though I was only aiming for 40) I lost 20 pds within three days of giving birth then in the 10 weeks that has followed have only lost 4 more. I exercise every day and eat healthy foods but I feel like I am stuck. I know as we get older it becomes harder to loose weight but I am not even 27 yet. How long did it take you?

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So What Happened?

YouAreMylLove: I know 125 pds sounds like alot. But I have an eating disorder and was extremly malnurished when my son (who was a complete suprise) was concieved. I wasn't even getting a period. So my body latched on to the calories it got when I was pregnant. it took my entire pregnancy to get my metabolism back to normal. I take the babies out for a walk every day I can, but its in the 50s for a high lately and way to cold. I do run a mile everyday on my own though.

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answers from Washington DC on

Once I auctually decided to do something about it, it took 2 months, but I had put it off for nearly a year after the birth. I only had 10 lbs to lose, and the majority of my weight just came off a little at a time on it's own.



answers from Orlando on

I have lost the last 10-15lbs several times since my daughter was born, lol (she is 9) the first time I lost it, it took me about a year.

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answers from Chicago on

I'm still working on it. My son is 7;-)

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answers from Washington DC on

you lose it?

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answers from Phoenix on

im still trying from #1......14 years almost. :) lol With my youngest i actually lost 10 pds. i didnt really gain that much in any of my pregnancys. sometimes after your body loses weight you reach a plateau. just keep doing what you do and it should help

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answers from Savannah on

I was 26 when I delivered and it took about a year to loose the weight. I did not loose ANY weight (other than the few pounds lost immediately from delivery) until my son was about 9 months old. The weight just fell of as my son became more active. With that said, I am currently 5 lbs less than I weighed before my pregnancy, and most of my clothes fit again, but My weight is now distributed differently then it used to be. I had gained 33 lbs during pregnancy

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answers from Dallas on

With #1 - lost it in about 6 months, with #2 it took almost two years to get back to the weight I like to be at.
BF helped a lot and I had a little spike of weight re-gain (not all of it, but a few pounds) after I stoped, but had to re-learn my eating patterns since I wasn't using the extra calories to feed the kiddos.
Keep on your slow and steady pace.

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answers from Austin on

I would'nt fret A bout it . My Dr. told me it took you 9 months to have the baby. so give your self that much time to loose the weight.

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answers from Spartanburg on

Hmmm...About a yr with the first and 18 months with the second to get back to prepregnancy wieght....I gained between 30-40 lbs with both...I exclusively nursed so I didn't worry about the extra 10-12 lbs I carried after the initial postpartum loss until the baby was really established eating table food and that varied from baby to baby...

I just read your SWH and I am thinking that disordered eating probably makes any weight loss or gain a little wacky...your body has been through a lot so it may not gain and lose like others who don't have the same history?



answers from Philadelphia on

Um...I'm STILL trying to lose the baby weight. My youngest is 9.



answers from Dayton on

Just like every other woman, I couldn't wait to get back down to a personally accepted weight. I eventually lost the weight but not from the places that I had gained it.

Out of 4 kids the longest it took me was 11 months and I gained 40 with 3 and 22 with 1 of them. Be patient. All in good time. If you are nursing it will take longer and that is just fine too.

Enjoy the little ones.



answers from Eugene on

I gained 40-50 pounds with each of my 4 children and was 31-40 years old when they were born. Most of the weight came off in 2-3 months. That last 5 pounds could take a year or more. I breastfed each for at least a year and didn't worry about losing weight til after I was done.



answers from Dallas on

I gained 35 pounds and lost it withing as few weeks. Thank the Lord, because I'm really lazy about regular exercise.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I was 39 when I delivered. I had gained about 30 lbs. Lost that in about a year...but that doesn't mean I was back at my "ideal" weight--just my pre-pregnancy weight!



answers from Jonesboro on

125lbs??!!?!?!?!?!?! .... Ok.... besides that.... It just depends on your body. Losing it will take however long your body decides that it will. I don't see anything wrong with a little extra padding on a mom- makes us better huggers! :D But if you're really serious about getting into pre-baby shape, I'd suggest cutting out bread & pasta for a few weeks, and take a walk every single day. Put baby in a stroller & invite your older child along. Chances are, they'll enjoy it so much that you wont realize it's excersize! :D


answers from Philadelphia on

i only had one and was sick the entire time except for a few weeks arnd (32-35) so I gained 10 pounds and lost it the day of, although to get my stomach that flat and firm again...I'm still trying 5 years later=) Not trying that hard though=(
I think this is so different for each person that its like comparing apples to oranges...you'd have to find someone with the same metabolism and weight gain to compare


answers from Chicago on

My son is 5 - still working on it - but I have baby weight mixed with back surgery steroid induced weight gain and birthcontrol aided gain - it's a rough road and I admit I have not always been 100% commited.


answers from Los Angeles on

I gained 40 pounds and lost it all over 6 months after our daughter's birth. Nursing helped me immensely. It just peeled right off of me.


answers from Orlando on

I was 23 when I had my son and gained 70 pounds, it took me close to 5 years to loose most of it then I got pregnant with my daughter right after I turned 28. I gained 30 pounds and have already lost it after 9 weeks. It was mostly baby this time.

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