Yeast Infection or Just Irritated?

Updated on July 25, 2007
A.B. asks from Lovington, NM
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I have a 2 year girl, who 1 week after her 2nd birthday decides she is ready to be out of diapers. She is very out going and can do it herself kind of person. But since then I have had a problem with her telling me "owie" and it will be red. I have put Desitin on her. And she says it hurts. I know it is becasue she does not always wipe. She has a older brother, who is 5, and I guess she sees that he does not so neither does she. I try tellin gher she needs to wipe, but is there other things I can use. The kids really have not had diaper rash, so I don't know what to use.

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So What Happened?

Thank you everyone for responding. She is doing better with the flushable wipes. She does not like that she can't have bubblebaths any more. But she still has fun in the tub. I also got her some cranberry juice to just to make sure of infection. I also put monistate on her and seems okay. Thank you everyone.

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answers from San Angelo on

Don't forget about urinary tract infections as well. Little girls don't clean as well so the risk of infection increases. Keep an eye our for urinary frequency, itchness, redness, fever, or burning while urinating. You can also look for blood in urine or pus in the urine (cloudy). Sometimes if it smells real bad (not related to like broccoli or asparagus) that can indicate a urinary infection as well.



answers from El Paso on

Why don't you try those wonderful flushable wet wipes? I can't think of the name of them off the top of my head, but they're right there by the regular toilet paper. They have little frogs or something on the box. lol. I just can't think of what they're called, but they do seem to help get all the residue off.



answers from Odessa on

I would suggest Balmex. It works soooo much better and faster than Desitin. I even used it on my daughter's ears when they became infected after having them pierced (they were bad!) and it cleared up the infectiion by the next day and it provided instant relief.



answers from Abilene on

I use monistat cream (generic works great too) on my little one. It really helps and cures the problem fast! The Destitin burns!! The huggies flushable wipes work really well. The Kandoo ones smell kind of funny. :)



answers from San Antonio on

If the Desitin isn't helping, I'd take her to the doctor. If it is a yeast infection, the doctor can prescribe something or recommend an OTC ointment to use.



answers from Wichita Falls on

You can combine cortisone, neosporin, and clotrimazole and apply it - it addresses the three most common causes of recurrent diaper rash.

You can also buy her some GIRL wipes (Kandoo) to use. If she's a girly girl, decorate the box with ribbons. If not, just put her picture on them or something.




answers from San Antonio on

My daughter has suffered (and still does occasionally) from this. Most of the time it is just an irritation due to not wiping well enough. Start with a yeast infection cream (i.e. monistat) combined with epsom salt baths every couple of days, and no more bubble baths as this is one of the biggest causes of this type of irritation. If it does not clear up within a week, then you should take her to her pediatrician, because it may be something worse. The first remedy has worked for me all but one time. Shortly after we got here, we treated my daughter with the initial remedy and cranberry juice for a week and the symptoms went away, then about 2 weeks later they reappeared. We did this twice, because our primary pediatrician did not have any appointments available and it would go away for a long enough period we thought we had gotten rid of it. When it happened for the third time, I tried againg to get an appointment but they still did not have any, so I took her to an urgent care clinic. Well we figured it was a UI but it turned out that it had moved up into her bladder. The Dr said that if we had let it go much longer it would have moved up into her kidneys and that type of infection is very difficult to treat. So if the basic yeast infection/warm bath treatment doesn't work. Get her in.

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