Yeast Infection During Pregnancy - Newport Beach,CA

Updated on July 09, 2015
L.L. asks from Newport Beach, CA
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Hi there! I am 14 weeks pregnant and suffering from Yeast infection. My dr. prescribed me Terconazole 0.8% vaginal cream. However when I researched it is category C. I am so afraid to use it to avoid any birth defect. Some research shows Miconazole (over the counter cream) is safe during pregnancy. I am so confused and don't know what to do. I have already tried all the home remedies.. (yogurt, garlic, cranberry juice, etc.) noting is helping me and its so uncomfortable. Any advice you could provide me its greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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answers from Chicago on

I used it when I was pregnant with my son. I think I was about 17 weeks. The doc said it was safe to use when I questioned it since I had heard conflicting info. She said it is not a high enough dose to cause problem.
Mine was a one day dose, vs 3, 5 or 7. I don't know if that makes a difference.

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answers from Springfield on

There are plenty of meds your doctor can prescribe that are safe for pregnancy. Do make sure you are talking to an OB and not your GP, as your OB should be up to date on which meds are safest during pregnancy.

Was your OB the one who prescribed it? If so, just call the office to clarify. Tell the nurse what you read about the drug and say you just want to make sure it's safe.

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answers from St. Louis on

Did you actually read the research or only that it is class C. It shows there is little chance of anything above 10% but below it says there is no risk and you stated your dose is 8%. Believe it or not doctors do know what they are doing.

"Pregnancy Category C

There was no evidence of teratogenicity when terconazole was administered orally up to 40 mg/kg/day (50× the recommended intravaginal human dose of the 0.8% vaginal cream formulation) in rats, or 20 mg/kg/day in rabbits, or subcutaneously up to 20 mg/kg/day in rats.

Dosages at or below 10 mg/kg/day produced no embryotoxicity; however, there was a delay in fetal ossification at 10 mg/kg/day in rats. There was some evidence of embryotoxicity in rabbits and rats at 20 to 40 mg/kg. In rats, this was reflected as a decrease in litter size and number of viable young and reduced fetal weight. There was also delay in ossification and an increased incidence of skeletal variants.

The no-effect dose of 10 mg/kg/day resulted in a mean peak plasma level of terconazole in pregnant rats of 0.176 mcg/mL which exceeds by 30 times the mean peak plasma level (0.006 mcg/mL) seen in normal subjects after intravaginal administration of terconazole 0.8% vaginal cream. This safety assessment does not account for possible exposure of the fetus through direct transfer to terconazole from the irritated vagina by diffusion across amniotic membranes."

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answers from Springfield on

Call your OB and ask. Is there something about your doctor that makes you doubt whether or not he/she knows how to do his/her job?

If you don't trust your OB enough to prescribe the correct medicine for a yeast infection, I would think you'd already be looking for a different doctor. You really need to have a doctor you trust with your life, because it can come down to that in the delivery room. I'm not trying to be morbid, but I am trying to be realistic. I was in the hospital for my first born when the nurse found me in a pool of blood. My doctor took me to the OR for an emergency c-section. What a wake-up call. (I could have died, my son could have died. My husband was passing in my hospital room waiting for them to let him join me. He said he'd never been so scared in his life, and he's been through a lot!) You need to be able to trust your doctor with your life.

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answers from Norfolk on

You say you tried yogurt - how?
By eating it?
Try putting 1 cup plain yogurt into your bath water and soak in that for awhile.
There's nothing wrong with applying yogurt directly to the itchy area either.

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answers from New York on

Call your doctor and discuss uour concerns with him.

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answers from Columbia on

Hi L.. Head to your local drugstore and pick up this (Walgreens/CVS/etc):

Instead of taking it orally, use one as a vaginal suppository before you go to bed. It will dissolve overnight...and your yeast infection wil be GONE.

I unfortunately get occasional yeast overgrowth due to hormonal fluctuation. This is the easiest, fastest, most comfortable way to beat the yeast. You'll start feeling better in about an hour after putting in the suppository/pill.

Always consult your doctor before any medical intervention during pregnancy.

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answers from Portland on

When you have concerns or want to try something talk with your doctor. He's the one helping you with this pregnancy. Or ask the pharmacist. They have information based on training and a knowledge of science. I wonder why you don't trust your doctor enough to ask him this question.


When you have concerns or want to try something talk with your doctor. He's the one helping you with this pregnancy. Or ask the pharmacist. They have information based on training and a knowledge of science. I wonder why you don't trust your doctor enough to ask him this question.


When you have concerns or want to try something talk with your doctor. He's the one helping you with this pregnancy. Or ask the pharmacist. They have information based on training and a knowledge of science. I wonder why you don't trust your doctor enough to ask him this question.

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answers from Rochester on

Talk to a pharmacist. They have the most up to date info. My husband is a pharmacist and he brought home an entire book about what drugs were safe during pregnancy. Some are only unsafe during certain developmental stages for the baby. Don't google it. It's much easier to understand when you talk to an actual human being.

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answers from Los Angeles on

My doctor told me to use the 7 day Monistat (Miconazole). I used it with both pregnancies.



answers from Orlando on

Ask your doctor about taking probiotics.



answers from Las Vegas on

The cranberry (if it's sweetened, only makes yeast worst as do sugared yogurts) and that's because yeast thrives on sugar... you are more prone to yeast during pregnancy because of the higher progesterone level.. progesterone, unlike estrogen, which is more acidic, is higher in alkaline, hence......the yeast can thrive in it.. topical treatment will only aide in the outside.. the approach need be from the inside... to calm the yeast, you'd be better of abstaining from sugar, white flour, fermented foods such as vinegar and even peanut butter (which can have hidden mold).... the yeast overgrowth begins in our guts.. you need to attack it there.. also, drink lots of water... Because you are pregnant, I don't know if you can take the supplement, capryl acid... when I get a yeast infection, I take one of those and drink lots of water and BAM.. yeast away. mind you, the Capryl goes in and kills of the yeast so it's imperative to drink lots of water to help flush out the dead yeast .... Also, for topical.. they do have calendula capsules... which you can, well insert... sounds weird, but it is natural and I found it to be helpful.. again, that is the for topical..
If you read more about why yeast grows out of control.. I think that will help you.. unless you approach this from a nutritional standpoint, I don't think the yeast problem will go away... not until your progesterone levels fall off...
some might say.. I never got a yeast infection during pregnancy.. ok true, but could be you didn't already have an over-abundance of it in your system..
This yeast dilemma is no different than when after ovulation (and you have that rush of progesterone) your body begins to warm (yeast also like warmth) and as the progesterone builds and your body prepares for a possible pregnancy... you begin to feel the itch..
before I studied up on yeast.... and learned why it grows .. I suffered from yeast infections a lot when younger..
There is a ton of info about yeast overgrowth on the net.. most western docs only prescribe topical ointment... they rarely approach it from a nutritional standpoint.. (sadly)...... they'd rather medicate rather than educate....

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