Yeast Infection Again

Updated on May 12, 2010
D.S. asks from Katy, TX
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ok my 2 yr old has a yeast infection again. Here is what I don't need suggested because they didn't work on the first rounds.I have tried every diaper rash ointment on the market. So please don't suggest these none of them worked. I use sensative wipes and luvs diapers. tried probotics yogurt, athletes foot meds, jock itch meds, nystasin doesn't work on him. I tried oral and topical. He gets changed frequently doesn't go through many diapers any more but not quite ready to train. he has about 80% of the signs of ready to train but not quite ready. pulling him off juice kept him clear for 3-4 months. he doesn't get juice at all or fruits other than bananas. Baking soda and vinegar baths didn't work. I have done nothing diffrent than I have the last 3-4 months that he was clear. what gives? I haven't changed anything. He spent along time clear and now were back to square one. HELP PLEASE. if I have changed something I don't know what it was.

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So What Happened?

sorry guys didn't mean to come off rude I was just fustrated. I have literally tried everything and he is bleeding again. Sugar elimination makes sense. I hate watching him suffer like this. You have given me alot of new things to try. and I am going to gnc for the chewable probotics now. I am going to go with almost a diabetic diet. wheat bread. whole grain noodles, wheat tortillas extra meat and extra cheese. and the response that it may not be a yeast infection has some sense to it. I will take him to an allergy doc incase it is a food allergy. Thanks for the input and sorry didn't mean to come off rude I do that when I am fustrated.

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answers from Auburn on

ITS THE SUGAR!!!!!!!! Juice has lots of sugar. Sugar feeds yeast and makes it worst. NO MORE SUGAR unitl it clears.

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answers from Gainesville on

When my little one got a yeast infection on her bottom the doc explained that we normally have yeast all over our body and it just takes an opportune moment and the yeast jumps at the chance to multiply. Some people/kids are more susceptible at times. I'd probably take the time to google what preventative measures might be taken while getting him treated. I have times where it seems like the yeasties are after me and then I won't get one for a year or more!

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answers from Fort Walton Beach on

A little rude in your request...

It doesn't sound like you have been to the doctor for this or like Mimi said - take sugars out of his diet. I would also go to the local GNC and ask them about a chewable probiotic. It seems you haven't done that yet either. I get my daughter the strawberry one - it's as big as a baby aspirin. It has about 4 probiotics strains in the little chewable.

This one is a pill - not the same, but I wanted to give you an idea.

L. acidophilus
B. bifidum
S. thermophilus
L. helveticus

I see you have only tried yogurt with the probiotics in it - well, alot of times those only have one strain or the yogurt is so overprocessed that it won't work.

I thought about this further and milk has lots of sugar in it - so you might want to look at supplementing his fat intake with something other than milk... like avocado or hummus. Take most of his milk out of his diet and look at substituting the calories and fat for something else. This will eliminate that sugar. Also juices - just cut them in 1/2 with water. Make sure they are 100% juice when you purchase them instead of stuff like Sunny D, etc. You'd be surprised at how much sugar is in all of our foods.

Good luck.

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answers from Rochester on

I haven't experienced this persistence with a yeast infection, but you could try using soft paper towels with just water instead of any kind of diaper wipe, or baby wash cloths (a pain, but it usually feels better on them). You might also try letting him go bare-bottomed as much as possible, or right after a diaper change just to let him air-dry. The yeast feeds on moisture. If he is close to being ready to toilet train, you might also get him thicker training underwear in cotton with a vinyl cover (I've gotten them at Wal Mart), since for women cotton is recommended to help with that and prevent. It would mean a lot more laundry, but might help. Maybe someone else has actual experience with this.

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answers from Portland on

I think whether or not someone is susceptible to yeast infections is related to their internal system as well as what comes in contact with their skin.,

Are you sure that it's always a yeast infection? Some babies seem to have a rash on their bottoms constantly. It could be a dermatitis caused by sensitivity to the products that are in his diapers or any other product which you use on his skin. I recommend that you use only plain water to clean his bottom. Be sure that the cloth you use has been washed in a detergent made without perfumes or scents and that all of the detergent has been washed out. Even sensitive wipes have ingredients to which he could be sensitive.

You mention only using Luvs diapers. My granddaughter broke out when her mother used Luvs. Try a diaper that is without perfumes (scent).

We can develop sensitivity over time. Even tho you haven't changed anything he could have developed a sensitivity to what you've been using.

A dermatitis rash can also be caused by the foods we eat. He could have in the past four months developed a sensitivity to a food that he's thus far tolerated.

You've tried numerous things. Have you tried continuing any of them for several weeks? Have you tried probiotic supplements? You can buy them in pill and liquid form. They are to be swallowed every day and must be continued for several weeks before you can be sure that they are helping. Probiotic supplements contain several different probiotics in a stronger concentration than yogurt. Even if the probiotics do not clear up the diaper rash they are good for his digestive system and may enable him to tolerate fruits.

The fact that yeast medications such as nystatin do not work indicates that this is probably not a yeast infection. I have a dry rash on my chest and at the doctor's recommendation used anti-fungal cream with no positive results. He said that since the anti-fungal cream did not work it probably was not a yeast infection. He cultured it and it's not yeast.

Does your son drink enough water? Strong urine will irritate the skin and cause a rash that can become infected.

It is not good to eliminate all fruits from his diet. He needs those nutrients.

I suggest that you take your son to an allergist who will more accurately diagnose the problem and help you find ways to prevent it.

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answers from Atlanta on

Hi D.,

If a person is exhibiting yeast externally, then the entire body is eaten up with it. It only shows topically as it grows from the inside out. He does need a prebiotic/probiotic to get rid of it and I'm sorry to say but you need to remove ALL sugar from his diet. That means white bread, breading on chicken fingers, french fries and all other simple carbs. Sugar feeds yeast. It is living and it needs nourishment to live and all sugar provides that. When you took him off the juices, it didn't go away, it just backed was in the process of dying. has a supplement for yeast called Tanalbit and I know it works. It takes about 3 months to rid the entire body if the sugars are gone. I don't know if it's appropriate for a two year old so you'll have to check. I usually recommend Florify for a little one. It's a capsule that has to be opened and put in food but it is safe for a little one.

D., many people think yeast is simply an irritation but left untreated it can lead to many different diseases by weakening the body. I know of a couple of things that will definitely ease it but I would need to explain them in more detail to you. If you're interested let me know.



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answers from Fayetteville on

Cornstarch. We had the same problem with our son. The last time I took him in to the Peds office daddy went with us and as the Dr. walked out the door to give us a new script for another medicine daddy asked about using cornstarch and he said we could try it since it could not hurt. I bought the large plastic container with the screw off lid and my son loves it when we changed his diaper he would ask for his "snow" and I would let him put it on himself and then covered what he missed and we have not had a yeast infection since. He is now potty trained and wears a diaper only at night but he still asks for his snow and since it doesn't hurt I let him put it on. Just be sure to keep it where no one will try to use it in the kitchen.

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answers from Mobile on

The thing that may have changed is the weather. Being hot and sweaty makes it more likely. I wish I had solutions for you!!

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answers from Tampa on

I skimmed the other answers but I don't think anyone suggested talking to your pediatrician about giving him an oral dose of Diflucan (Fluconozole) and THEN adding all the probiotics etc. I had a yeast infection for about six months once (surgery, stress, stuff) and nothing worked until I got the big push from the antifungal and then started doing all the things people reccomended. And I'm pretty sure had mommasource been around then and had I asked I would have been a lot less 'polite' in the asking, I was about ready to strangle people, mostly through no fault of their own. I'm so sorry that you're feeling frustrated and and horrible as it was for ME having it I'd rather it be me than my kid. I hope you find something that works and SOON.

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answers from Shreveport on

Have you tried to change the type of diapers you use.

I know how you feel my daughter did the same thing at that age nothing worked until she was out of diapers. I know the pain you are feeling because your son is hurting. He might have an over supply of yeast in his body. For some this is the problem. There is a blood test the dr. can do to find out.

Good Luck,

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answers from Tulsa on

Have you heard of coconut oil? I've heard that this works great with yeast. We tried it for my son's rash and it didn't seem to help, but I've heard of a TON of moms that swear by it. Definitely worth a shot!
After reading some answers, maybe the reason it didn't work is that we didn't try it long enough! And yes, less sugar should help. Have you considered it might be his diapers? Maybe they are irritating him. Disposables have a ton of chemicals in them, so maybe try some with less chemicals and fragrances (7th Generation maybe??). Wipes are the same way. Maybe try using plain water on rags for pee diapers, and a little olive (or coconut!) oil for the poop ones (wipe off excess poop with water and then use a little oil, then wipe it off too). Then try the coconut oil, just slather it on all over. You can cook with coconut oil, too, which will help his body fight yeast on the inside. And I think probiotics are good, too, but probably the supplements. Otherwise you're just getting them in with the sugary yogurt.
You've gotten lots of great suggestions, hope they work!
PS--Don't feel bad for being frustrated. I didn't think you sounded rude in any way!



answers from Baton Rouge on

I don't think you sounded rude in your request at all. I know how frustrating yeast infections can be, both of my children had them horribly. First of all, you haven't done anything to cause this, the enviroment has. Yeast loves warm, moist areas to grow, so going into spring and through out summer, yeast infections raged in our house. The best thing that I could do is let my kids be bare butt as long as I possibly could. I was also told to use whole milk on a washcloth to wipe the area to relieve the pain of the infection. I don't know why it worked, but it did.
I know you said your son is only showing about 80% of the signs to potty train, but with summer on it's way, the yeast infections will probably not let up, so I would probably push just a little to try and get him to train. Because the only real solution to cure yeast infections, is to be completely out of the diapers.



answers from Tuscaloosa on

For the record, I don't think you sounded "snotty" at all, just frustrated. Some people are just way too sensitive! Sheesh! It sounds like you got some great advice. I hope it helps. My son loved to drink Probugs yogurt drinks when he took antibiotics. However, I agree with the person who thought it might not be yeast. I have also heard of people having to take oral antifungal medicines to get rid of the internal yeast when it is really bad externally. Good luck!


For the record, I don't think you sounded "snotty" at all, just frustrated. Some people are just way too sensitive! Sheesh! It sounds like you got some great advice. I hope it helps. My son loved to drink Probugs yogurt drinks when he took antibiotics. However, I agree with the person who thought it might not be yeast. I have also heard of people having to take oral antifungal medicines to get rid of the internal yeast when it is really bad externally. Good luck!

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