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Updated on July 22, 2011
C.T. asks from Orland Park, IL
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My 16 months old boy has a yeast infection. At least that is what my DR has said. He has had it about 8 weeks now. It starts to look like its going then it comes back again. I have tried everything, no diaper, nystatin ointment with diaper cream over the top, corn starch, wiping with water instead of wipes, EVERYTHING. Do you have any advice and is it normal to last this long??

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So What Happened?

I haven't been really happy with my Doctor. She says to keep putting the cream on 3x a day. I am looking for another doctor. It doesn't bleed or bother him in anyway its just there. I started him in probiotics this week so hopefully they will work. We eat 100% organic foods, very healthy fit people so its not that. Its just frustrating..

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I always used the antifungal foot cream for my boys whenever they got yeast infections. It is called Lotrimin but I always but the generic Walgreens brand. It would clear up in a couple of days. Worked for my boys. Nystatin never worked for them. It might be worth a try. It was recommended by my ped. Good luck.

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I second the taking away all fruit as it is sugar and also the probiotic. Here are a few other things that worked for us:

-cloth diapers - he could be reacting now to the chemicals in the diapers or at least change to 7th Generation.

-cloth wipes - same reason

-if you are still BFing, remember that your milk contains the sugars that you have eaten, so you have to go on a no sugar diet too until it's gone.

-don't use diaper creams they just hold it in.

-and my best one...Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE)! It's amazing! When my dd had a mild case of thrush and even the nystatin didn't work, GSE was great. We used it all the time for her diaper change as she was prone to infections. Just mix 30 drops with 8 ozs of DISTILLED water (if you use tap, it will use all of it's good qualities cleaning the water) in a spray bottle. Give him a few sprays every diaper change and nothing else and you should see some great improvements quickly. You can get GSE at Fruitful Yield and probably Whole Foods. We are still using a 4 oz bottle 5 yrs later. This stuff really, really lasts and works fantastic on tons of stuff.


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my 7 month old had one like that for about a month or so. i bought the over the counter yeast infection cream, store brand from walmart, and used it at every diaper change for about 3 or 4 days. then i used just regular baby powder. it finally went away. good luck! also my MIL was watching my boys last week while i was in the hosp for a few days, and she washed him after each diaper change, a pain in the butt, but that helped also.



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There is a medication the Dr. can give - don't remember the name- but we had an infant boy in my daycare class that had a yeast infection - the parents didn't believe me - told me boys don't get them. It got worse, they took him to the Dr. and they gave the parents a medication - cured it up in 5-6 days. It is a prescription - you can't buy it over the counter.



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first arbonne diaper rash ointment works wonders on them. I can tell you how to get some if interested. second you are probably giving him juice and fruit at that age. stop. sugar feeds a yeast infection. white bread is also sugar so is rice that is not brown, noodles that are not whole wheat no whole milk only 2%. no corn products. increase protien and chees and veggies alot. on a balogna sandwich double your meat and cheese and lettuce and tomatoes. no french fries only sweet potatoe fries. no potatoes of any sort that are not sweet. whole wheat or grain bread. flour tortillas process to sugar slower than bread. no kool aid or lemonade. for what ever reason mine can do bananas which are actually high in sugar but they don't break him out.

he can also do canteloupe. but that is the limit on him. anything else breaks him out. I couldn't get mine to take probiotics but try it. give him yougurt with it in it. quit putting corn starch on him your feeding it. my sons lasted 1 1/2 yrs off and on. I thought I was going to go nuts. His privates were bleeding. I tried every rash ointment on the market. unscented wipes and hypoallerginic diapers. but the diapers didn't make much of a difference. increase his beans especially pinto. always make the protien out weigh everything else. always give protien snacks bologna, chicken if you use frozen pizza more meat on the pizza than it comes with cause the crust is sugar. Lots of eggs. if you do like rice and chicken make sure there is more chicken than rice. easy on breaded items. I give fruit bars but only whole grain like nutrigrain. the whole grain outweighs the sugar. If I do chicken and dumplings I use a whole chicken and very little dumplings and add veggies like celery and peas. give him lots of nuts and lots of peanut butter but easy on the jelly or honey like almost none. just enough to flavor it. put peanut butter on both slices of bread. use only real cheese not a cheese food product. when I do burritoes I do meat and beans and lettuce and tomatoe and very little rice. lots of cheese. Kool aid I know most moms will throw a fit over this and tell you its not good for him but I use splenda in the koolaid. this is finally how I got his controlled. until recently I have had not problem but he is fighting diareah right now so I am again fighting the yeast infections.



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In addition to all of that a probiotic. Florastor Kids is a good one. It is granules and you can sprinkle over food or in his drink. I would limit or avoid any sugar which will also cause the yeast to grow. What is the doctor saying. 8 weeks is really along time.



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my baby had that at about 6 months old. They told us to use Lotrimin and it did the trick! Good luck!

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